Jamal Damien Marcus

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Baron Jamal

Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Jamal Damien Marcus arms.jpg

Per bend azure and argent, an eagle striking to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed, Or and a Lebanon cedar proper

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Baron Jamal Damien Marcus, KSCA, OL, joined the SCA in 1988 in the Barony of Angels. He moved to Lyondemere in Sept, 1990. His wife is Baroness Éowyn Amberdrake, OL, OPel. He was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in November 2000 by Guillaume and Felinah, King and Queen of Caid, with the hand of the Laurel Éowyn Amberdrake on the dubbing sword. He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on April 17, 2004 by Direk III and Levana, King and Queen of Caid, with the hand of the Knight Andrea of Clear Mount on the dubbing sword.

Persona Biography

Jamal Damien Marcus was born in the year 1200 in the city of Tyre, the son of a Spanish Crusader (and merchant) and a woman of that city. He is a merchant, trading in spices.

SCA Biography

  • KSCA, 3/2004
  • Laurel, 11/2000

He was squired to Sir Andrea of Claremont (1990 - 1996), then to Sir Patrick Levi Darkwrath (1996 - 1998)


Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Feast Steward of Winter Weekend for thirteen years, 1996 - 2014
  • Event Steward of Winter Weekend for eight years , 1996 - 2003
  • Pre-Registrar, Great Western War, 2003
  • Co-autocrat Coronation & Queen's Champion in Lyondemere, with Alysandra the Whyte Moor, 6/1999
  • Co-autocrat, Crown Tourney in Lyondemere, with Dafydd Gwynfardd, 9/1998

Feasts Cooked as head chef

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications

  • “Edible Flowers” Ars Caidis, April 4/1997
  • “Paella” Ars Caidis, 1/1998
  • “A Brief History of Massage and Physical Therapy” Ars Caidis, 6/2000
  • "The Caidan Chef: Garlic Jamal's Way", Ars Caidis Autumn 2002


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