Order of the Chivalry

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KSCA: (Fieldless) A white belt
KSCA: (Tinctureless) A circular chain

Award Information
Type: Patent & Polling Order
Founded: 11/18/1978 by Armand and Diana
Premiere(s): Cuillean Lodbrog Houndstooth & Patrick of Innisfree
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

The Order of Chivalry (or Order of Knighthood) is a patent level award for those who have excelled in Armored Combat.

The Order of Chivalry contains two different branches.

  1. Knights (KSCA): Swears fealty to the crown, wears a white belt and chain.
  2. Master of Arms (MSCA): Is not required to swear fealty to the crown, wears a white baldric.

As of January 2017, each new member of the order mad in Caid has chosen to become a knight instead of a master.

Caidan tradition holds that members of the Order of Chivalry may wear spurs at all times and non-knights may only wear spurs when participating in equestrian activities. The spur is not a reserved heraldic charge however. Anyone may include a spur in their registered heraldry.


  • KSCA: Sir/Dame (The majority of female knights prefer the term Sir over Dame)
  • MSCA: Master/Mistress
  • Alternate Titles are available for substitution.


  • KSCA: (Fieldless) A white belt.
  • KSCA: (Tinctureless) A circular chain.
  • MSCA: (Fieldless) A white baldric.
  • Permits the knight/master to display a full achievement with silver or white helm, torse and mantling, crest and supporters. A knight may also display an unadorned chain around the neck of the helm or encircling the arms, or a white belt encircling the arms. Masters of Arms may use the white belt, but not the chain in their achievement.
  • Regalia of the order includes:
    • SCA-wide, knights may wear a white belt worn around the waist, Masters of Arms may wear a white baldric worn diagonally from shoulder to hip
    • SCA-wide, knights may wear around their neck "a gold chain as a symbol of their fealty" though Caidan tradition is that plain or unadorned chain of any metal may be worn
    • SCA-wide, any other article of clothing, jewelry, equipment or flag displaying the appropriate badge of the order for knights or masters of arms

More Information

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