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Azure, a saggitary salient regardant and drawing his bow to sinister a bordure embattled argent
Award Information
Type: Grant
Founded: 11/2/1996 by Edric and Albra
Premiere(s): Madawc Seumus Caradawg, Thomas Blackkeep & Paganus Grimlove
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

Companionship in the Order of Chiron is awarded for outstanding ability in SCA-style target archery.


  • Bestows a Grant of Arms
  • Bestows the style of "Honorable Lord / Lady", and recipients may be addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship".
  • Alternate Titles are available for substitution.


  • Azure, a saggitary salient regardant and drawing his bow to sinister a bordure embattled argent
  • Medallion strung on an Award Cord.
  • Chirons may display their achievement with black or steel gray helm, torse, mantling and crest above their arms and the collar of the order encircling the arms.


Greetings unto the populace of Caid, from Baron Paganus Grimlove, secretary to the Order of Chiron.

There have been questions lately about what qualities an archer should have for recommendation to the Order. This is the very short version of an answer to this question, based on the Charter of the Order, but any member of the Order (myself included) can give you further detail if you would like.

  • First and foremost, sustained excellence in target archery (generally, a rank of bowmaster or above, though occasional exceptions may be made for a high forester who has won Queen's Champion or the Caid Open - if you don't know the archer's rank, ask)
  • Courteous and chivalrous behavior, on and off the archery range (which includes behavior on social media and message groups)
  • Service to the Kingdom of Caid and its people
  • Obedience to the laws and ideals of Caid and the Society for Creative Anachronism
  • Willingness to instruct others in these accomplishments ('these accomplishments' being: target archery, courtesy and chivalrous behavior, service, and following the laws and ideals of the group)

When writing to recommend someone to the order, please include the following information about the candidate: name, barony / practice, experience, teaching, service, activities & a brief note on their demeanor, so that this information can be put into our watch list.

The above posted on 6/1/2016.

Companions of the Chiron