Kurt von Arriksleva

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Kurt von Arriksleva 2005.jpg
Kurt as Sommelier Pursuivant, 12/2005
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Heatherwyne
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Quarterly Or and sable, in saltire a crossbow quarrel inverted sable and a quill pen Or.
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The Honorable Lord Kurt von Arriksleva was active primarily in Heatherwyne. He was a herald, brewer, archer and scribe.


Kurt passed away on December 26, 2006.

Text from his memorial service:

In memory of James (Jim) Steuard aka The Honorable Lord Kurt von Arriksleva
March 10, 2007 at the Orange Grove Lodge Hall
Born: October 14, 1937 in Galesburg, Illinois
Pased: December 26, 2006 in Riverside, California
Survived by his wife of over 38 years Suzette (Sue) Steuard aka The Honorable Lady Krystal von Kitzingen
(Children were/are all cats)

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught


Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation 2004 Fall 8.jpg Award of Arms Kathleen Mahony of Cork
CoronationSpring03 4.JPG Dolphin Catriona Isabel MacFarlane
Coronation Spring 2004 13.jpeg Dolphin Davin Mac Alister of Drake's Height
Coronation Spring 2004 14.jpeg Dolphin Elspeth Charissa aus Reinwald
CoronationSpring03 12.JPG Dolphin Jeanne Marie Lacroix
KarolODC (2).jpg Dolphin Karol Johanna Gartenheit
KarolODC Detail.jpg Detail of Dolphin Karol Johanna Gartenheit
CoronationSpring03 1.JPG Dolphin Robert John of Cedar Wood
Coronation Spring 2004 17.jpeg Harp Argent Margaret MacIain of Lochwood


From Lachlan of Cromarty

  • Kurt was a great guy to have around. Sure, he could occasionally be a grumpy old man, but that was his perogative! When I was just a college kid, I remember shooting archery with him. Later, during Jeanne Marie Lacroix's tenure as Crescent, I occasionally worked shoulder to shoulder with him. I specifically remember a time when we were having a scroll-signing meeting after the main CoH meeting, he joined us in the work/festivities. I do miss Kurt.
  • Also, in the "odd coincidence" category, Kurt, Jeanne Marie and my father (who is not SCA) all worked for the same modern company for a while.

From Catherine de Winter

"Kurt was a true Renaissance Man, skilled in archery and knowledgeable about munitions, as well as a talented embroiderer, heraldic artist, and silversmith. As Seneschal, he made me very welcome in Heatherwyne. He wrote adventure and science fiction novels -- I was fortunate to read parts of them. His persona was a Hanseatic merchant (and probably a spy for the Crown).