Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk

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Sir Ursul after his knighting. Ursul-armor.jpg
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale embattled gules and argent, two bears combattant and in chief an arrow fesswise counterchanged
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Baron Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk, KSCA.

Ursul was the VI Baron of Gyldenholt Baron of Gyldenholt.

He was knighted by TRM Adam and Stæina at Gyldenholt Anniversary.


Ursul was born in the city of Novgorod at the opening of the 14th century, named for his great grandfather who helped turn back the Teutonic Knights crusade of forced conversion in 1242. His family was part of the busy merchant class of Novgorod, however with the emergence of Moscow and the favoritism of Grand Prince Ivan I Ursul believed that his path lie in a different direction that that of his father. He began training in warfare as his Great grandfather had done, deciding to make his living by the sword rather than watch the town he loved be crushed under the lackey Grand Prince of the Mongols. So by 1335 he began to travel the trade route west into southern France eventually meeting and marrying his wife Colette de Montpellier

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Autocrat Baron's Feast 2009
  • Autocrat Baron's Feast 2010
  • Autocrat Baron's Feast 2011
  • Autocrat Baron's Feast 2012
  • GWW 11 Archery Autocrat
  • GWW 12 Fighter Hospitality Autocrat(water bearing)
  • GWW 13 Road Deputy
  • GWW 14 Road Co-Autocrat
  • GWW 15 Roads Co-Autocrat, Constable Deputy
  • GWW 16 Roads Deputy
  • GWW 17 Roads Deputy
  • GWW 18 Productions Deputy
  • GWW 19 Production Deputy
  • Co-autocrat 12th Night 2013
  • GWW 24 Production Steward
  • GWW 25 Production Steward

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications


  • Archery – IKAC: 2003 – Open Division: Recurve
  • Archery – IKAC 2006 Team: Caid 13th Place, Open Division