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Medieval Christmas.jpg
Medieval 12th Night
Location: Dreiburgen
Riverside Elks Lodge #643
Date: 01/03/2015

12 Night - A Day for Common Pleasures

Event Staff


From Master Gulliver Blackrune

12th Night 2015 is in the pages of history now. The Co-stewards would like thank everyone who pitched in to make the event a success. A lot of effort went into making the day a good one for the kingdom.

  • Kudos to Master Jamal and his merry band for the great feast and the prompt and eager servers.
  • Special thanks to Mistress Mary for the herculean efforts on the day and before with the site.
  • Thanks to Master Martin for his great site tokens, feast tokens, and belt mounts. They will undoubtedly find their way onto garb, belts and bags, and into bauble boxes.
  • Lastly, many thanks to Mistress Vivienne and Master Donal for things great and small too numerous to count


From the Crown Prints

Event description: A day for common pleasure. Bring the things you would like to share. Games, music, arts. Not a fancy day unless that's what you like. Come in comfortable and relaxing garb to share this day with friends both new and old.


  • Court 11:00am
  • Feast 4:00pm
  • Site closes 8:00pm

Site Fees:

  • $6 for age 13 and above; 12 and under are guests of the Barony
  • $14 for the feast; seating is limited


  • On the table: Sliced & dried meats, cheeses, toast, dried fruit & mixed nuts
  • Oxtail stew, steamed vegetables, bread & butter
  • Roasted boneless beef short ribs, sauteed greens, armored turnips
  • Roasted lamb with saffron rice, pistachios & golden raisins; green beans with almonds
  • Dessert: Shortbread, lemon curd or jam, hippocras

Site: Riverside Elks Lodge #643, Riverside, CA

For more information: Facebook: 12th Night-A Day for Common Pleasures (and) Caid Kingdom Calendar

Bard of Caid

Bards of Caid,
The competition to determine the tenth Bard of Caid will be held at 12th Night, Saturday, January 3, 2014 in the Barony of Dreiburgen. As in the past, there shall be four performances by each participant:

  • 1. Historically accurate: A performance of a piece from pre-1600 Europe or in that style. Please provide documentation for this piece, which can be either written, orally presented, or both. Please introduce the piece with a few words about why you chose it.
  • 2. Bard's Choice: Traditionally your best piece with no subject or style constraints.
  • 3. Theme piece: This year's theme will be any event, person, or occurrence in the current middle ages in Caid during the last two years (your choice). It is to be an original piece.
  • 4. On-site compositions: Three words will be announced in the first hour of court at 12th night. The competitors will compose something on-site that will include those words.
  • Bonus:There can be bonus points awarded in the judges" discretion for (a) displaying a breadth of bardic skills: original composition, musical ability (vocal and instrumental); (b) poetry, memorized recitation, stage performance, etc., and/or (c) connecting with the audience.

Documentation is expected for Round One, and it is helpful for the judges to have some kind of documentation for the other pieces (can be written or oral.)

If there are any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Yours In Service, THLord William Walworth de Durham, Ninth Bard of Caid



Scrolls Presented at 12th Night

(Click scroll thumbnail for more information)

Image Preview Award Recipient
12th Night 2015 Allesaundre Crescent.png Crescent of Caid Allesaundra de Crosthwaite
12th Night 2015 Angaharat AoA.png Award of Arms Angharat Goch verch Gwenhover
12th Night 2015 Bridget Lux.png Lux Caidis Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
12th Night 2105 Catherine Crescent.png Crescent of Caid Catherine Ainsdale of Lancashire
12th Night 2015 Conall Crescent.png Crescent of Caid Conall mac Séagháina
12th Night 2015 Deirdre Harp.png Harp Argent Deirdre Oilithreach
12th Night 2015 Eridana Court Barony.png Court Barony Eridana Ambra Dragotta
12th Night 2015 Gwenna Laurel.png Laurel Gwendolyn of Amberwood
John James Duelist.JPG Duellist John James MacCrimmon
12th Night 2015 Morgan Laurel.png Laurel Morgan Arthur ap Llewellyn
12th Night 2015 Tezar Crescent.png Crescent of Caid Tezar of Aeolis
12th Night 2015 Tonwen Crescent.png Crescent of Caid Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur
12th Night 2015 Wilhelm Aoa.png Award of Arms Wilhelm von Homburg


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