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Lady Lina Kolladottir received a Harp Argent on 05/29/2011 from TRM Wilhelm and Thaleia. She is the daughter of Mistress Thea Gabrielle Northernridge.


Baroness Lina Kolladottir was born in the Kingdom of Caid and is second generation SCA.

She is currently focused on Hiberno-Norse culture and how it differentiates from Scandinavian Viking culture. When she first started looking into Viking Age finds, she focused on Birka as it had some of the most extensive burials and clearest documentation. Lina has since built a full Birka kit, but became curious as to how people during the viking age dressed in Ireland and what the differences were. She is now working on a full Hiberno-Norse kit and is excited to further her research in other Viking age settlements and how they compare, but more importantly how they are different. Her goal is to be able to break the mold of something just being 'Viking' and adding more specificity into the conversation around Viking Age re-enactment.

Lina is a jack of all trades with a focus in the Viking Age. She has been playing with patterning, hand sewing full garments, making accessories, millinery, posaments, pottery, metal work, wood working, glass and naalbinding. Her current passion is in pottery and ceramic arts, but still loves trying out new hand crafts. In addition to trying as many different crafts as she can, she has also been working through reconstructing some men's garments from Jorvik, Viborg and Thorsberg which luckily her partner is willing to play dress up for.

  • Formerly known as Isabel de Kelsey


Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Classes Taught

  • Phrygian Cap Patterning - GWW 2017
  • Naalbinding: Oslo Stitch - Collegium 2018
  • Naalbinding: Oslo Stitch - 2/2024
  • Hiberno-Norse History - 2024

Demos/Small Classes:

  • Posaments Found in Birka (2016-2024)
  • Naalbinding: Dublin Stich (2024)
  • Viking age stitching (2017-2019)
  • Various hat patterning techniques (2013-2024)

Projects & Publications


  • Pentathalon Entrant 2017
  • Crescent Artisan Entrant 2018
  • Pentathalon Judge 2019
  • Pentathalon Entrant 2015


Image Preview Award Recipient
Nov. Coronation 2013 043.JPG Laurel Ciar ingen Dáire



Naabinding.JPG Oslo Stitch Hat (2019) 4521F3C6-4B6C-4DB5-A563-9F80D559018F.jpg Iron Age Cup (2023) Dublinstitch.jpg Recreation of the Dublin Stitch (2024)