Agrippa and Bridget

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Agrippa and Bridget
Sovereign: Agrippa Morris
Consort: Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
Caid Crown #: 73
Preceded by: Conrad II and A'isha
Succeeded by: Mansur II and Eilidh II

73rd Crown of Caid from 6/2014-11/2014



We chose these fine gentlemen for our Champions of Sword: Don Avenel Kellough for Unarmored Combat, Don Nathaniel Longbow for Rapier, Sir Valgard (Agrippa's Knight) for Armored Combat. Valgard had to fly back to the East Kingdom and will only be able to join us at Pennsic. He recommended his opponent in the Finals, Sir Sven ("Malefi-Svent"), step in for him throughout the rest of our reign. And in Youth Combat: Rhys for under 6, Nicholai of House Valentine for 7-9, and Preston of House Valentine for 10-13.

We were thrilled by the comportment, bearing, chivalry, and fighting prowess of all of the fighters of the day, and are especially thrilled that these five will join our other Champions!

Bridget, Queen of Caid



Likes & Dislikes


  • His: Penicillin
  • Hers: None



  • His: Meat and potatoes, jerky, veggies, and dried seaweed
  • Hers: Proteins and small meals -- Nuts are an excellent source of protein and are very appreciated.


  • His: High fructose corn syrup
  • Hers: Starches, sugar

Preferred Drinks

  • His: Water and natural juices
  • Hers: Water, iced or hot tea, sekanjabin


  • His: red/black/white -- Armory in submission. Until armory is accepted, gifts with a 2-towered-castle (white) are greatly appreciated.
  • Hers: purple/gold
    • Both prefer natural fibers and handmade items



  • His: Swords, knives, and books about ancient history
  • Hers: Fur, feathers, and things purple


Thanks to those who would like to create garb for Agrippa and Bridget, these generous gentles should communicate directly with the Heirs’ Chamberlain, so she may properly guide those generous individuals in greater detail (patterning, sizing, etc.).


Their Highnesses joyfully welcome handcrafted items that can be gifted to members of the Populace and visiting Royals. If you would care to make something for this, please contact the Heirs’ Chamberlain to find out what is needed.

Awards and Honors

Awards Given since the most recent OP publication


Star in the Crown of CAID
Written by William Walworth de Durham

She’s a friend to the children
A mentor to youth
A weaver of knowne world renown
But we know her best for the smile in her heart
And she shines like a star in the skies of Caid
With the bright silver moons of Caid

She came from fair Corvus
to be our sweet queen
She nurtures and makes us the best we can be
And she shines like a star in the skies of Caid

She’s the star in the crown of Caid
The star in the crown of Caid
Fair Bridget shall always be
She shines her light on us, has faith in the dream
She’s the star in the crown of Caid … because
When you wish up-on a star,
Makes no difference who you are,
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

Boy King of CAID (To the tune of Ghostriders In The Sky)
Written by William Walworth de Durham

Like Romulus and Remus, he’s a famous Roman son
He marched off with the legions so very far from home
Brave captain of the infantry, on combat he did thrive
But he could not be a charioteer --- not old enough to drive

Hazzah Hazzah, Hazzah Hizzuh
The Boy King of Caid

He led the mighty Caid Army to the Pennsic War
With Corvus in the vanguard, he marched them to the fore
But as he stepped out on the field, a marshal said “hey, son”
“You can’t attend this war without --- parent or guardian.”

Hazzah Hazzah, Hazzah Hizzuh
The Boy King of Caid

Was not one man could best him, not even two or three
He vanquished them upon the field and brought them to their knees
But then was put flat on his back by one small tick or flea
Beyond the call of duty --- he got a period disease.

Hazzah Hazzah, Hazzah Hizzuh
The Boy King of Caid


More Information


Agrippa and Bridget's calendar may also be found here on Google Calendar.

Date Event Location Notes
Feb 23 Privy Council Dreiburgen Both
Feb 25-Mar 1 Estrella War Arizona Bridget Only
Mar 8 Angels Melee Angels Bridget Only
Mar 22-23 Collegium Lyondemere Bridget Only
Apr 5 King's Hunt Carreg Wen Both
Apr 12 Starkhafn Anniversary Starkhafn Bridget Only
Apr 19 Dun Or Anniversary Dun Or Both
May 3 Darach Anniversary/Altavia Equestrian Darach Both
May 10 Altavia Anniversary Altavia Both
May 17 Wintermist Anniversary Wintermist Both
May 18 Queen's Champion Equestrian Dreiburgen Both
May 22-26 Potrero War Calafia Both
May 31 Queen's Champion Archery & Thrown Weapons Naevehjem Both
Jun 7 Coronation Carreg Wen Both
Jun 8 Queen’s Champion Carreg Wen Both
Jun 13-15 Known World Heraldic Symposium (KWHSS) Starkhafn Bridget Only
Jun 13-15 Nordwache Anniversary Nordwache Agrippa Only
Jun 28 Gyldenholt Anniversary Gyldenholt Both
Jul 1-6 West / An Tir War (Website) An Tir (Oregon) Both
Jul 12 Lyondemere Anniversary Lyondemere Both
Jul 19 Caid Prize Darach Both
Jul 26 Festival of the Rose Wintermist Bridget Only
Aug 2-9 Pennsic War Pennsylvania Both
Aug 16 Crown Tourney Altavia Both
Aug 17 Privy Council Altavia Both
Aug/Sep 29-1 Highland War al-Sahid Both
Sep 13 Angels Anniversary Angels Both
Oct 8-13 Great Western War (GWW) Wintermist Both
Oct 25 Dreiburgen Anniversary Dreiburgen Both
Oct 26 Agincourt Tourney Altavia Both
Nov 1 Coronation Gyldenholt Both
Nov 2 Queen's Champion Gyldenholt Both