Khalida al-Khansa'

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THLady Khalida al-Khansa'
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Dun Or
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and argent, a lotus blossom in profile gules.
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THLady Khalida al-Khansa' received a Crescent on 01/08/2010 from TRM Patrick and Kara.

From a very young age, Khalida lived aboard her father's merchant vessel. Sailing mostly around the Mediterranean, Khalida learned drop spindle spinning (mostly wool, cotton and silk), weaving (Inkle and tablet) and how to put her observation skills to good use--training to become a spy. A quickly-moving storm surprised the crew, resulting in shipwreck. All were lost, except for a bedraggled Khalida, who washed ashore the coast of Libya/Egypt. Rescued by a nomadic tribe, Khalida adapted quickly to her new life.

Since her rescue, she traveled into the Persian Empire where she found employment in the household of Duchess Faizeh al-Zarqa. Her inkle loom trim adorns the entire household of Kabila al-Raqs B’Saif, as well as Sir Halldórr Þórhallsson, Dame Ismay of Giggleswick, Dame Valla Luta Kolladottir and Dame Teka Turmanov. Her newly-developing skills in silk dying was accepted and worn by Duchess Eilidh na Tire Dharigh during her first reign, along with Duchess Faizeh. The women of Raqs b' Saif also wear head veils dyed by Khalida in household and heraldic colors. Her Grace Duchess Faizeh noticed Khalida's love of dance and has been instructing her in Persian court dance (as well as modern Orientale Middle Eastern dance).

Lady Khalida lives in Persia in the 900s, although she can be seen every once in awhile in Viking.


Arts Projects

  • Worked on Dun Or silk banners 2006
  • Entered Pentathlon 2007 in Spinning
  • Inkle wove site favors for Dun Or Anniversary
  • Developed site favor concept and execution (salt in small bottles), Dun Or Anniversary
  • GWW Spinning sit in, taught basic drop spindle and demonstrated silk spinning
  • At Queen's Champion, held in Dun Or, entered samples of beginning and current inkle work at the A&S display
  • Performed at Twelfth Night 2013 for TRM Mansur and Eilidh with Her Grace Duchess Faizeh, 01/05/2013
  • Performer Royal Processionals, Persian Dance for TRM Edric IV and Faizeh and Edric V and Faizeh II, at Coronation and other processional; also for Mansur and Eilidh
  • Performed a Tahib (Egyptian cane dance) with Her Grace Duchess Faizeh at Winter Festival of the Rose 2015 for HRM Eilidh II
  • Performed solo improvisational Persian Court dance with Sir Andrew Baird (playing the saaz)

Performed at HRM Bridget II FoTR, Persian court dance

  • Currently researching:
    • Dyes used through out the Persian and Byzantine Empires
    • Coffee and Sugar- Luxury Trade
  • Middle Eastern Embroidery

Offices & Positions

Dun Or

  • Chatelaine, Barony of Dun Or, 2004-2006
  • Seneschal, Barony of Dun Or, 2006-2009
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences, Barony of Dun Or, 4/12/2011-11/30/2011


  • Kingdom Deputy Seneschal for Seneschal Warrants 7/2012-2016
    • Composed and updated Seneschal warrant roster for Coronation signatures, including confirming all contact and membership and maintaining all on-line signed warrants for Seneschals
  • Research compiled for the Big Book of Warrants for Mistress Robynne the Grey, project completed 2012.
    • Contacted all Kingdom officers regarding their warranting process to see how unified the Kingdom was in warranting territorial officers. That report was emailed to then-Kingdom Seneschal Mistress Robynne the Grey and the results were used in the creation of the Big Book of Warrants.
  • Kingdom Scheduling Team ( along with Dame Ismay and Baroness Iyssa

Elevated to the Order of the Pelican by Alexander and Tahira January, 2018

Classes Taught

Event Staff