Wilhelm and Thaleia

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Wilhelm and Thaleia PrinceandPrincess.jpg
Prince Wilhelm and Princess Thaleia
Sovereign: Wilhelm Skallagrimsson
Consort: Thaleia Lakedaimonia
Caid Crown #: 66
Preceded by: Conrad and Eleanor
Succeeded by: Edward III and Mora III




See Wilhelm and Thaleia's Royal Court


His Royal Highness Wilhelm persona is inspired by the Classical Period including Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, and the Byzantine Empire. Her Royal Highness Thaleia's persona is inspired by the same period including Ancient Greece, Persia, and the Byzantine Empire.


Likes & Dislikes

Their Majesties welcome gifts on behalf of the Kingdom regalia including assistance with creating Queen's Guard baldrics and belt favors, as well as items for children.

They especially welcome gifts created by the artisans of Caid including feast gear, pottery, and handmade trims and fabric. His Majesty would appreciate garb, boots, and "man jewelry," while Her Majesty enjoys hand-made pottery. Baskets are always welcome.

Category HRM Wilhelm Likes HRM Wilhelm Dislikes HRM Thaleia Likes HRM Thaleia Dislikes
Beverages Coffee, juices, root beer, water None Coffee, juice, soda, water, unsweetened iced tea Vodka
Bread Olive bread Rye bread Pita, fruit breads, fresh/soft breads Rye, dry/heavy breads
Cheese/Dairy Cheddar, Monterey Jack Limburger Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Muenster, soft cheeses Limburger
Meats/Fish Steak, salmon, shark Liver Steak, chicken, pork, shellfish Liver & tongue, fish, shark,
Spices Her Highness enjoys all types of spices
Ethnic Italian Cambodian Thai Vietnamese, sushi
Sweets Red licorice, orange slices, cookies White chocolate Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered fruits and nuts Fruit cake
Snacks Jerky, Cheez-its, Fruit None Jerky, fruit, pickles, veggies, cake, crackers, nuts Raw broccoli
Sauces/Condiments Ranch, Bleu Cheese None Homemade jams, Ranch, Jalapeno Mustard Bleu Cheese, horseradish, wasabi
Food Allergies None None Softened Onions RAW ONIONS (any type); ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS AND SUGAR
Colors Red, yellow, black, blue, white, purple Brown, green Jewel tones, as well as colors to match His Royal Highness White or yellow as a dominant color; bright red
Styles Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Eastern Empires Green, Roman, Byzantine, Persian; clothes to match His Royal Highness Corsets
Fabrics Linen, wool Polyester, rayon Linen, silk, wool Polyester, rayon
Textures Coarse, heavy, natural Chalkboards Soft, natural Coarse
Trims Geometric Floral Geometric Floral
Metallic Fabric/Trim Gold, silver Red, black Gold, silver Non-metal metallic fabrics
Fabric Allergies None None
Scents Lavender, vanilla Lavender, vanilla, subtle scents Floral, "Beach", "Mountain", overbearing scents
Flowers Sunflowers, lilies, Venus flytrap Roses, seasonal bouquets ALLERGIC TO STAR GAZER LILIES
Gems Ruby, onyx, sapphire Turquoise Ruby, sapphire, amethyst, true amber, onyx Turquoise, man-made amber
Armor, Archery, Rapier Greek, Roman, Classical French No preference No preference

Awards and Honors

Awards Given since the most recent OP publication http://royals.sca-caid.org/awards/op.php


More Information


Date Event Notes
1/15-17/2011 Winter Weekend
1/15/2011 Angels Melee His Majesty
1/21/2011 Unbelted Tourney Gyldenholt
1/29/2011 Pol na Gainhme Calafia
2/17-21/2011 Estrella War Atenveldt
2/26/2011 Mons Draconis Anniv/Dreibugen Spring Tourney
2/27/2011 Robin Hood Tourney Sunday (Angels event in Altavia)
3/5/2011 Crown Tourney Calafia
3/6/2011 Privy Council Sunday event (Calafia)
3/12/2011 Arts & Sciences Pentathlon Gyldenholt (Her Highness)
3/12/2011 Calafia/Gyldenholt Friendship Tourney Gyldenholt (His Highness)
3/13/2011 Arts & Sciences Pentathlon Gyldenholt
3/19/2011 St. Isidore's Calafia
3/20/2011 St. Jude's Sunday Event (Calafia)
3/26/2011 Starkhafn Anniversary
4/1-3/2011 King's Hunt Carreg Wen
4/2/2011 Festival of the Rose Angels (Her Majesty)
4/9-10/2011 Collegium Caidis
4/16/2011 Al Sahid Anniversary
4/16/2011 Gallavally Anniversary Dreiburgen
4/22-24/2011 War Bands Western Seas
4/30/2011 Darachshire Anniversary
5/7/2011 Altavia Anniversary
5/14/2011 Nordwache Anniversary
5/22/2011 Heatherwyne Anniversary/Defender of Children
5/26-30/2011 Potrero War Calafia
6/4/2011 Coronation Carreg Wen
6/5/2011 Queen's Champion Carreg Wen