Pentathlon 2007

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Liudmila Vladimirova doch', A&S Pentathlon Champion 2007
Location: Glydenholt
Middle School
Date: 03/24-25/2007

Pentathlon 2007 was held in the Barony of Gyldenholt and was a grand event of arts and sciences.

Results of the 2007 Caidan Arts and Sciences Pentathlon.


Individual Pentathlon Winner: *1st Place: Liudmila Vladimirova doch'
Team Pentathlon Winners: *1st Place Team: House Atargatis
Aoibheall an Sionnach
Melisande de Frayne
Teleri of Gwynedd

Pentathlon 2007 Officers


"I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Caidan Arts Fair and Pentathlon; I could not have done it without you. Thanks to all the contestants, the judges and all the volunteer staff during the event. Many thanks to their excellencies Wulfric and Lasairfhiona the Baron and Baroness of Gyldenholt for hosting this event, the populace of Gyldenholt who were steadfast volunteers and thanks to Lady Caterucia who was the perfect site autocrat. With every major kingdom event it takes a team to make it all come together and I had one of the best. Special thanks to Countess Leanora, Entries/gate autocrat, Mistress Kyrieth Judging autocrat, Baroness Toline & THLord Guy Rand who headed up my Data management team. Also thanks to Baron Rowen, Baroness Ceridwen, Raven, Mistress Su, Baron Eadric, Lord Abdur, Lady Aurelia, Lord Eriikr and Lady Kamiya for jumping in and helping out wherever they were needed. And a very special thanks to my Lady Love, Baroness Eloise for not only acting as the best moral support one could hope for, but also for making signs and putting together arguably one of the best judges lounges that has ever been seen.

Master Thorvald Olafson the Swordmaker"

Scrolls Presented at Pentathlon

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Image Preview Award Recipient
Giuseppe3.jpg Dolphin Bartholomew Marchant of Studley Green
Samara2.jpg Court Barony Ceridwen Killian
Lasairfhiona2.jpg Award of Arms Robert Crosar
Samarascroll1.jpg Court Barony Rowan Killian

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