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These are events where the major activity is a display and judging of art works by populace members.

The major arts competitions in Caid are:

Upcoming Arts and Sciences Competitions or Displays

Date Event Theme, Guidelines, Notes Results
5/30/2009 Darach Pirate-versary Tourney and Altavia-Darach Equestrian Championship 2009 People's Choice Arts and Sciences Display: Set up by 10, take down by closing court. (1) Presentation is key. (2) Documentation appreciated (what is it, your inspiration, how you made it, lessons learned). 1st and 2nd prizes. --sponsored by Comptesse Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste Kuzmina's Roman jewelry display won People's Choice
6/13/2009 Gyldenholt Anniversary 2009 An On the Spot Embroider Contest, and in the spirit of the Pearls and Parchment theme, the prize will be pearls. Bring your scissors! --sponsored by Baroness Cynthia de Wickersham 1st place: Lady Cecilia Lightfoot; 2nd place: Dame Eilidh Swann

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