Darach Pirate-versary Tourney and Altavia-Darach Equestrian Championship 2009

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Court pirateversery.jpg
Court at Darach Pirate-versary Tourney and Altavia-Darach Equestrian Championship 2009, TRH Edward and Mora presiding
Location: Darach
Waverly Park
Thousand Oaks, CA
Date: 5/30/2009

Darach Pirate-versary & Altavia-Darach Equestrian

May 30, 2009

The Barony of Altavia and the Shire of Darach held an event for our times - the Altavia Equestrian Championship/ Darach Equestrian Championship/ Darach Anniversary/ Darach Pirate Tournament. Yes, four events for the price of one and with something for everyone - inventive fighting scenarios, serious tournament combat, piratical amusements and contests, two separate equestrian tournament lists and serious fun for all.


Darach Anniversary recognizes a Champion (winner of the lists) and a Protector (the Darachshire member who goes furthest in a list)

  • Sir Valrik MacIan, Champion of Armored Combat Lists
  • lord Askell, Protector of Armored Combat Lists
  • Don Ian Duncanson, Champion of Rapier Lists
  • Don Eógan Ua Confraích, Protector of Rapier Lists
  • Dona Arabella da Siena, Darach Equestrian Champion
  • Lady Mayken de Houtman, Altavia Equestrian Champion
  • Kuzmina's Roman jewelry display won People's Choice, Arts and Sciences
  • Honorable Mention to Patrick's bag of chain maile


  • Leave your memories here.


Mayken jojo.jpg

Lady Mayken on JoJo, photo by Lady Mathea

Ladies Horseback.jpg

Dona Arabella and Lady Mayken, photo by Pierre le Graz

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