Great Western War 2015

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Great Western War - XVIII
Location: Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area, Taft, CA
Date: 10/7/2015-10/12/2015

Event Staff



List of Awards Given at GWW 2015

Classes Taught

    • (Includes dance, drumming, music, poetry, performance, & more!)
    • A Storyteller Tells the Tale of the Norman Invasion - Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour
    • Folk Tunes of the Elizabethan Era - Gregory Blount
    • Storytelling: A Bardic Workshop - THL William Walworth de Durham
    • (Includes arts associated with Archery, Thrown Weapons, Rapier, Heavy Weapons, and Unarmored Combat.)
    • Atlatl Demonstration - Lord Da'ud ibn Ma'bad
    • Fitness and Injury Prevention for Rapier Fighters - THL Johanne Kathrijn die Waeyer
    • How to Make a Bola - Mistress Cecilia Medici
    • Thrown Weapons Marshal 101 - Lord Da'ud ibn Ma'bad
    • (Includes crafts that would have been done or made in any SCA Historic period)
    • Beginning Woodworking - Six Board Chest – Lord Tancrede de l'arcade
    • Block Printing on Fabric - Baronôssa Praxilla Taurina
    • Do you want flies with that? (Decorative Cup Covers) - THL Johanne Kathrijn die Waeyer
    • Medieval Plants and Animals for the Caidan Home Garden - THL Rekon of Saaremaa
    • Painting on Textiles - THLady Elyn de Haoucmore
    • Paternoster Kitchen Timers - THL Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano
    • Period Board Games - THL A'isha al-Raqqasa
    • Prognostics in Late Anglo-Saxon England – Magistra Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor
    • Simple Shibori with Indigo Dyeing - Dame Joan Silvertoppe
    • Summam Manum, The Finishing Touch, Accessorizing the Roman Woman - Magistra Claudia Prima and Baroness Rutilia Fausta
    • The Common Roman Soldier – Sirideán ua Néill
    • (Anything that involves one or more needles: embroidery, hand-stitching, knitting)
    • See also: Clothier Track and Fiber Arts Track
    • Bijeaux Tapestry Embroidery Hosted by The Arts & Sciences Staff
    • Crochet a Beautiful Circlet to Match Your Gown - Lady Grainne inghen Ebir
    • German Brick Stitch Embroidery - Lady Ylaria Thriepland
    • Knitted Relic Bag - Baroness Giuliana Margherita Bonaccolsi known as Magge Shaw
    • Make a Simple Viking Pouch - Lady Grainne inghen Ebir
    • Needle Felt a Pincushion - Lady Anitsa Kasperova
    • NeedleTime Salon - Dame Joan Silvertoppe
    • Sashiko, Japanese embroidery for the commoner - THL Jane de Sealynn

From the Crown Prints

How do YOU do war?

As Great Western War enters its 18th year we’d like you to show us how YOU do war! What is it about Caid’s largest annual event that brings you back each year, or motivated you to attend for the first time? We would love to hear your war stories and your battle ballads. Show us your camp projects, your beautiful artwork, and your smiling faces. This year we celebrate each and every one of YOU!



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