Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff

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Mistress Edwinna weaves
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gallavally in Dreiburgen
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
AZ, 3 spinning wheels with the spindles to dexter argent
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Mistress Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff was awarded the Laurel for spinning/weaving, and the Pelican for service, both in the Kingdom of the West.


  • Jack of Hawk's Bluff

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught


Edwinna passed on March 30, 2016.


Mistress Thea shared a piece of Edwinna's advice: "If you're not weaving mistakes, you're not weaving enough."

While I was still Seneschal of the Canton of Gallavally, Edwinna made an appearance at one of our Cantonal meetings. She was quiet and reserved. After a few meetings more, the Cantonal office of Arts officer came open and she volunteered. I thought she was a newcomer. I began to explain the duties of the office and those things that I thought that might be difficult for a newcomer to deal with. She smiled warmly and allowed me to finish. She then introduced herself with full titles, and said, "I think I understand the duties of an Arts Officer." Well, of course she did and I gave her the office, and she performed splendidly. She never seemed to make a big fuss about being one of the only Peers in our Canton, or being a Peer at all. She just personified the best of what a Peer should be, quietly and with grace. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun

Edwinna of Hawk's Bluff was my friend since a community college weaving class in the fall of 1982, where I regaled her with stories of the SCA which so intrigued her that she joined almost immediately. A few years after that I was profoundly honored when she asked me to be her first apprentice; my heart was full the day many years later that she led me up to receive my Laurel. She encouraged me and taught me not only textile skills, but also how to be a good teacher, in her way so quiet and subtle that it was almost like osmosis. I strive to be as excellent and gentle a teacher as she, which I think is the legacy that would have pleased her most. She was my oldest friend; I will always remember her, and miss her. -- Marielle de Rivage du Corbeau