Adelheit Schwarzenkatze

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Adelheit brown and red.jpg
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Gyldenholt
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Mistress Adelheit began playing in Gyldenholt back in 2003, but due to life circumstances, had to relocate to the West Kingdom in 2008, where her schedule did not allow time to play. After six long years, she was able to move back to Gyldenholt in 2014 where she has found her passion for reenacting rekindled. Her main interest is in Tailoring techniques of the sixteenth century. While she prefers to study Germanic Regional clothing, she is known to jump to other times and places every now and then. Her other interests include millinery, smocking, cordwaining, calligraphy, cooking and brewing.

Adelheit was elevated to the Order of the Laurel by Athanaric and Sigriðr on 01/09/1916.


Wife of a successful Nuremberg Tailor, Adelheit finds herself helping in her husband's shop most days. She takes great interest in the cut and construction of the clothes for the customers of all ranks and classes that commission clothing at their shop. When not working in the shop, she also finds time to practice her writing skills, cook, and even brew.

Offices & Positions

Exchequer, Barony of Gyldenholt, 2004-2008

Lady in Waiting for Baron Wulfric and Baroness Lasairfhiona, 2004-2006

Costume Guild Mistress, Barony of Gyldenholt 2004-2008

Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences 2017 to current

Event Staff

Co-Steward Gyldenholt/Calafia Friendship Tourney 2005

Pentathlon Judge Steward 2017

Crescent Artisan 2018

Classes Taught=

German Male Clothing -- 1530-1550: Collegium Caidis Spring 2006

How to Look Like You Stepped Out of a Portrait: co-teacher Collegium Caidis Spring 2006, Collegium Caidis Fall 2006

German Headresses for Women 1490-1550, Collegium Caidis Fall 2006

Basic Tailoring Techniques: Collegium Caidis 2014

Overview of Germanic Dress: Collegium Caidis 2014

German Regional Dress: Collegium Caidis 2015

Padstitching: Collegium Caidis 2015

How to Draft a Pair of Viking Rus Pants: Great Western War 2015

Beginning Tailoring Techniques: Collegium Caidis 2016

Intermediate Tailoring Techniques: Collegium Caidis 2016

How to look like you stepped out of a portrait: Collegium Caidis 2016

16th Century skirt patterning and construction Great Western War 2016

Beginning Period Construction: Collegium Caidis 2017

Intermediate Period Construction: Collegium Caidis 2017

Judging for entrants: what are the judges looking for: Collegium Caidis 2017

How to take measurements for clothing construction: Great Western War 2017

Living History Tailoring: Potrero War 2017

Newcomers: What to wear: Collegium Caidis 2018

Newcomers: Sewing Fundamentals: Collegium Caidis 2018

Newcomers: Beginning hand sewing: Collegium Caidis 2018

Newcomers: How to take body measurements: Collegium Caidis 2018

Newcomers: How to draft a tunic pattern: Collegium Caidis 2018

Gored Skirt Patterning: Collegium Caidis 2020

How to Create a Padded Hem: Collegium Caidis 2020


Website Adelheit's Workshop


Pentathlon 2015: 3rd place overall

Fiber Arts: Costume Review- 16th century middle class ensemble: 1st place Artisan

Visual: Calligraphy- a German Clothing book: 1st place Journeyman

Culinary Arts: Preserves- Sauerkraut: 1st place Journeyman

Functional: Shoes- 16th century German Kahlmaul Shoes: 1st place Apprentice

Composition: How to paper- How to make a pair of Norse Haebraekr: 1st place Apprentice

Gyldenholt-Calafia Friendship 2015 costume contest:

Best male costume by a non-laurel for Bart's Italian doublet and cioppa

Pentathlon 2008: 3rd place overall

Fiber Arts: Costume review- 16th century wappenrock- 1st place Journeyman

Visual: Calligraphy- 16th century : 1st place Journeyman

Functional: Scribal: Iron Gall Ink: Ist place Journeyman

Culinary: Preserves- Marmulate: 1st place Apprentice

Fiber Arts: Costume, Hats- 16th Century English Gentlewoman's hat; 1st place Apprentice

Performance: Dramatic Interpretaion- Shakespeare monologue- 2nd place Apprentice


Projects: Clothing for Adelheit

1580's German Working Class Gown

Adelheit1580workingclass.jpeg Adelheit German Working Class 1580 3.jpg

1580's Merchant Class Ensemble

1580's Merchant Class Ensemble.jpg 1580's Merchant Class gown.jpg

1530-40 Saxon Inspired Gown

Adelheit BR Saxon 2.jpg Adelheit BR Saxon 3.jpg

1520's Bavarian Inspired U-front Gown with Pattern Darned Smocked Chemise

1520 Ufront.jpg SuperS chemise close up.jpg

Landsknecht Boy

1510-20 Landsknecht Boy.jpg

1490's Nuremberg Gown

1490's Nuremburg Ensemble.jpg

Projects: Clothing for Others

Italian Renaissance doublet and Cioppa for Bartholomew Marchant of Studley Green

Italian for Bart.jpg

Burgundian doublets and gowns for Baron Giles Hill and Baron Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia

Joe and Paul Burgundians.jpg Joe and Paul Burgundians 2.jpg

Landsknecht Waffenrock: Originally for Erich der Suchenwirth zum Schwarzenkatze, then resized for Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk

Waffenrock for Jeff.jpgWaffenrock for Jeff 2.jpg Erich Waffenrock.jpg

Saxon Court Gown for Baroness Colette de Montpellier

Collette cranach gown.jpg

Italian Renaissance Ensemble for Erich der Suchenwirth zum Schwarzenkatze

Italian Ren for Eric.jpg

Landsknecht Puff and Slash for Erich der Suchenwirth zum Schwarzenkatze

Puff and slash for Eric.jpg


Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation summer 2016 58.jpg Argent Arrow Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk
Louise1.jpg Award of Arms Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
Coronation Summer 2010 070.JPG Award of Arms Cara Michelle DuValier
Giuseppe3.jpg Dolphin Bartholomew Marchant of Studley Green
Giuseppe6.jpg Dolphin Colette de Montpellier
Giuseppe2.jpg Dolphin Yvon Bater of Darkwood
Coronation summer 2016 53.jpg Knight Niccolo d'Angelo
Coronation summer 2016 53a.jpg Detail of Knight Niccolo d'Angelo
Coronation summer 2016 53b.jpg Detail of Knight Niccolo d'Angelo
Coronation summer 2016 53c.jpg Detail of Knight Niccolo d'Angelo
Coronation June AS 50--33.jpg Laurel Wilhelmina de Gothia