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Joan Silvertoppe in 1530s Tudor style
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Nordwache
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Dame Joan Silvertoppe, OL. (This name was registered 05/2010 with the comment "This is an excellent 16th C English name!")


Dame Joan is a gentry woman who hails from England during the early half of the 16th century. She enjoys running her estate with her husband, growing her children and trying not to kill her garden. She enjoys sewing clothing for her family, with the help of her tailor Brother Janome, and spending some free time with her embroidery, her letters, and collecting a library of tomes for further research into her many interests.

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught

  • Thread Buttons & Closures, Nordwache Academia, August 2007
  • Rectangular Costume Patterning, Nordwache Academia, August 2008
  • Basic Hand Sewing, Nordwache Academia, August 2008
  • What the Tudor Women Really Wore, Collegium Caidis 2010
  • What the Tudor Men Really Wore, Collegium Caidis 2010
  • Blackwork 101, Nordwache Academia, August 2010
  • Decorating Your Garb, Nordwache Academia, August 2011
  • Pentathalon Roundtable Discussion, Academia, August 2011
  • Blogging Your A&S to the World, Academia, August 2011
  • Fitting a Gothic Fitted Dress pattern, Nordwache A&S, March 2012
  • Documentation, Nordwache Academia, August 2012
  • Basic Embroidery, Nordwache Academia, August 2012
  • 16th Century Kirtles, Great Western War 2012
  • Overcoming the Sleevil (Sleeve Basics and Pattern Drafting), Collegium Caidis 2013
  • Build Your Own Tudor workshop series, with Ceara ingen Chonaill, Gyldenholt area. Summer/Fall 2013
  • Demo on Natural Dyes, War of the Roses Red & Black, Great Western War 2012, Oct. 2013
  • Make & Take your own Tudor coif, Great Western War 2012, Oct. 2013
  • Simple Shibori with Indigo Dyeing, Great Western War 2015
  • NeedleTime Salon, Great Western War 2015


Caidan Arts and Sciences and Pentathlon 2011

  • 1st Place Apprentice, Culinary Arts: Preserves
  • 1st Place Journeyman, Fiber Arts: Costume Construction
  • 1st Place Journeyman, Fiber Arts: Needlework: Counted Thread Work
  • 1st Place Apprentice, Visual Arts: Illumination

Projects & Publications


Image Preview Award Recipient
Coronation June AS 50--30.jpg Award of Arms Angus le Todde Mac Donnell
Coronation Nov 09 and scrolls 043.JPG Award of Arms William de Rouen
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 9.jpg Harp Argent Teleri of Gwynedd
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 9a.jpg Detail of Harp Argent Teleri of Gwynedd


Artistic Interests

  • Research and sewing historical clothing, usually of the Tudor area & period.
  • Scribal illumination & calligraphy
  • Embroidery
  • Other interests in web design, photography, soap making, spinning, dyeing, and other fiber arts.

Other Heraldry

Personal Badge
Joan-Silvertoppe-Badge1.png(Fieldless) A toy top argent.

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