Secca of Kent

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Secca at Kolfinna II's QCEQ
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per bend azure and vert, a bordure Or.
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Baron Secca of Kent is the current Baron of Altavia. Secca is squired to Kolfinna kottr and is a member of Hús Marbæli in the Early Period Alliance. He is a long time member of House Valentine and fights for the honor of his lovely lady, Meliora Deverel. He has two daughters: Áilleann inghean Siodhachain ó Slievecarragh and Petronilla de Chastelerault. On the war field he fights as a member of the Fifth Brigade.

Offices & Positions

Persona History

~~ Secca of Kent is an 8thC Saxon, currently in the service of Offa of Mercia. His forebears were Jutes who settled in Kent near Cantawaraberg (Canterbury) about 200 years ago. As the second son of a wealthy landowner, a King's Thegn, he found employ in the Court of Æthelbald of Mercia. It is recorded that Æthelbald was a poor ruler and not liked. It is further known that he was treacherously murdered by his own bodyguards in 757. The site of this event is the town known as Seckington, Warwickshire -- which was called Seccandun in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, or Secca's Town. Secca denies any allegations of involvement in Aethelbald's death -- nor in the subsequent defeat and banishment of Beornred -- nor the following consolidation of power, by Offa of Mercia, of the territories of Kent, Sussex, Essex, Wessex, and East Anglia.

~~ Secca was formerly regestered as Secca de Cantia; and before that called Secca of Venice, Secca Guðfloga, and Antonio lo Seccante della Rovere.

Projects & Publications


Crown Poems

Title Year Written for
Dread Red-Wolf Spring AS XLI Sir Drogo FitzWilliam
Funky Sir Kolfinna Spring AS XLII Sir Kolfinna kottr
Svendy... Svendy LEFT me alone... Spring AS XLII Sir Sven Örfhendur
What Best to Take Afield? Spring AS XLII Andrew Baird
Hastilude Royale Spring AS XLII Sir Rhys Ravenscroft
Danse Ravissante Fall AS XLII Sir Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia
The Tale of Sir Padraic Fall AS XLII Sir Pádraic Amadan
The Lay of Bjorn Fall AS XLII Bjorn Zenthfeer
A Measure for a Man Fall AS XLII Don Eógan Ua Confraích
Chanson de Mora Fall AS XLIII Queen Mora de Buchanan
Svensdrapa Fall AS XLIII Count Sven Örfhendur
Ragnarsmal Fall AS XLIII Sir Ragnar of Sandcastle
The Price of Steel Fall AS XLIII THLord Alexander Baird

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