Fifth Brigade

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The Fifth
Status: Active
Gules, on a phoenix Or rising from flames proper a Roman numeral V gules, in chief a crescent.

Fifth BrigadeRRE of the Caid Army

Brigade V: Fifth Brigade

Greetings, Warriors of Caid, and Welcome! The Fifth Brigade is a warband fighting for the army of Caid but with no other geographic restrictions. With such notable fighters as Duke Edward, Sir Taliesin de Morlet, Sir Killian MacTaggart and THL Gregory de Saville, we fight all weapon forms with pride and carry ourselves with honour both on and off the field. We invite any unaffiliated soldiers of Caid to fight with us! Let's Rock and Roll!



  • Commander:
  • Second Field Commander:
  • Aide de Camp:
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List of Fifth Brigade Commanders

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Current Members of the Fifth Brigade


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