Conrad II and A'isha

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A'isha bint Shamir and Conrad Breakring.jpg
Conrad Breakring and A'isha bint Shamir
Sovereign: Conrad Breakring
Consort: A'isha bint Shamir
Caid Crown #: 72
Preceded by: Sven IV and Cassandra II
Succeeded by: Agrippa and Bridget

Conrad II and Aisha
Conrad Breakring and A'isha bint Shamir
Coronation, 11/02/2013-06/07/2014

Note from Their Royal Majesties Concerning Crown Tourney

Greetings unto the Populace of Caid,

This February 22 is Crown Tourney. This time we will be using a slightly different format: crucible style. The crucible style tournament has been used in other Kingdoms in the past and has allowed for a smooth and unquestioned result; it also allows for more participants.

Put simply, our crucible style Crown tournament will be broken into two stages. The first stage is open to all authorized fighters with consorts. However, the second stage of the tourney, which is where the next King and Queen will be decided, can only be entered by those fighters and consorts who have submitted a letter of intent which comports with all aspects of Kingdom Law.

Stage one is a round robin tourney fought on several fields; the 2 best scoring fighters (most wins) from each of those fields who also have an accepted letter of intent will be moved into a standard double elimination tournament in stage two.

Note: per Her Majesty's requests throughout the reign, each fighter and consort intending to hold the throne (and thus fight in stage two) should bring some form of heraldic display such as a banner to be used in their procession. (Crown Tourney is not just a day for the prevailing couple, but also a show for the entire Kingdom. We believe it is important that a reign start with this recognition and some effort to provide a show of pageantry for the populace.)

In Service,

Conrad Rex A'isha Regina

Note from Their Royal Highnesses

We have been warned that the legacy of the Crowns of Caid and the honor and responsibility of sitting the Crescent Thrones can be daunting. We, in our enthusiasm for The Dream seem to have run out of time to be intimidated, however. We just have too much to do!

Ours will be a reign of pageantry, of pomp, inspiration, and of the romanticism that drew all of us together in the first place, and thus, would would like to prepare you for some features of our reign:

  • Tourney Inspiration! Every fighter will be expected to bear a favor or token of inspiration into every tourney. If you are committed to only fighting for one individual and they can’t be present, you will still need to carry his/her favor into battle. If your consort cannot make the event, please consider choosing a consort for the day. If you do not have a consort, Her Royal Highness (or a representative) will be overjoyed to assist you in finding one. Non-fighters: please be prepared with a favor or token to bestow upon a fighter should she/he seek inspiration from you for the day!
  • Tourney Pageantry! Throughout our reign, without prior notice, there will be tournaments in which fighters will receive vast benefits for bringing at least one of three forms of heraldic display: a personal heraldic banner, tabard, or list shield. If you have not yet submitted arms, please consult with your local herald for appropriate designs. Please assist Her Royal Highness with her desire for banners, banners, everywhere!
  • The Joy Initiative™! We have been collecting treasures, largesse, and prizes from across The Knowne World in anticipation for all the acts of courtesy, kindness, and generosity we know we will find in the Kingdom of Caid. Our staff, court, guard, companions and advisors have all been tasked with keeping an eye open for those individuals who are out there making the game a better place for us all, welcoming newcomers, and reigniting The Dream. Have you noticed an act that deserves recognition? Let us know! Do you have treasures you’d like to contribute (gently loved armor, books, garb, jewelry, art)? Contact our Royal Largesse Coordinators at:!

We look forward to a wonderful winter and spring in the beautiful Kingdom of Caid, and hope that our enthusiasm is contagious as we work to reaffirm the passion we all have for our Kingdom and our Dream.

In service to The Dream,

Prince Conrad and Princess A’isha



King's Champion: Duke Edward Senestre (and The Order of the Chivalry)

Queen's Champion Equestrian: David Whitaker (and Bud)

Queen's Champion Armored Combat: Sir Vlad Hideg

Queen's Champion Rapier: Lady Mora Ottavia Spadera

Queen's Champion Unarmored Combat: Baron Paganus Grimlove

Queen's Youth Champion: Lady Anekāstrasya Bai

Queen's Champion Target Archery: Baron Jon Thomme de Claydon

Queen's Champion Thrown Weapons: Master Donn son of Fergus

Queen's Champion Youth Target Arts Champion: Nicholai Stagghorn


Core Staff

Chamberlains: (

Chief Ladies in Waiting: (

Lieutenant Chief Lady:

Captains of the Guard: (

Golden Rose Heralds:

Voice of the King:

Hand of the Queen:

Knight Advisors to the Guard

Royal Clothier:

Royal Largesse Coordinator: (

Court Jester (Leader of the Royal Band of Merrymakers):

Royal Advisors

Royal Companions

Ladies and Lords in Waiting

Queen's Guard

Royal Band of Merrymakers



Likes & Dislikes


Gifts: Beyond fuel for the horses (gas cards) and 14th Century garb / materials for garb, Conrad and A’isha prefer gifts that they may redistribute to the populace or such things that are specifically made for or inspired by them.

Garb: All those who wish to gift or create garb for Conrad and A’isha should communicate directly with their Royal Clothier, Lady Medb Ingen Euchiud, so she may properly guide those generous individuals in greater detail (patterning, sizing, etc.).

Largesse: Conrad and A’isha look forward to distributing largesse to their populace in recognition of those people who actively pursue a course to spark or reignite The Dream in others. In expectation that this will be the majority of our populace (and in recognition of the other roles of largesse), we will need plenty of largesse! As we are confident that the skilled artisans of CAID produce the best quality and most useful items in the Knowne World, we welcome you to display in this manner your talents and skills. Please direct your arts toward our Royal Largesse Coordinator, along with a card detailing the artisan’s name, location, and the name of the piece.

For those of you who are not craftspeople, we encourage you to dig through your stores of items: we request books, baskets, beads, trim, feast gear, armor, jewelry and art that you may not have a use for, but that would brighten another’s day. Please direct these items (in gently loved condition) to our Royal Largesse Coordinator.

Scrolls / Award Cords: The kingdom is always in need of scrolls, that our people may properly display the recognitions they have so greatly earned. To this end, we strongly encourage all to visit the College of Scribes’ page, find or start a local Scriptorium or attend Traveling Scriptorium or Kingdom Scriptorium. The Kingdom is in need of calligraphers and simple illuminated capital letters and simple borders than can be used for scrolls. Once finished, please deliver them to the Scribe Amarius, Baroness Aliskye Rosel.

For those scribes whose skills extend themselves to producing entire works by hand, We ask that you contact the Scribe Amarius and volunteer your services to produce at least one such work during our reign. Join the College of Scribes group here to ask questions.

Likewise, we need cords from which to hang the award medallions. We strongly desire to continue the traditions established by Our ancestors of having these cords from the hands of Our people. The Caid wiki award cords page gives full instructions on size and color for each type of cord. Regalia: Any and all regalia that increases the pomp of our lands is hereby requested: banners, banners, everywhere, hear this our cry! Make a banner for yourself, make one for your canton, your shire, your barony, your kingdom, and fly them proudly.

Conrad Breakring

Food Likes:

  • Is a weird food lover, so the more unique, strange or unusual, the better
  • meats, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, olives, fish, eggs, pickles and pickled vegetables, spicy foods

Food Dislikes:

  • GLUTEN INTOLERANT (glutinous food gifts will be shared with the court)
  • A high proportion of sugar or starch

Beverage Likes:

  • Matcha (hot or iced), Kombucha, Sparkling Water, Sekanjabin, Water
  • Irish Whiskey, Ciders, Meads

Beverage Dislikes:

  • No soda, no wheat or barley based beverages, very rarely will drink sugared beverages, no blueberry mead

Scents Likes:

  • Nothing specifically

Scents Dislikes:

  • NOTHING vanilla, or baked-goods-scented, no fake florals

Culture Period:

  • 14th Century Western Europe

Culture Costuming:

  • Cotehardies, Houppelandes, Hose, Chausses, Turnshoes, Boots
  • Silk, Silk Brocade, Wool, Linen
  • Colors: black & silver, teal, dark green, white, gold, burgundy

A'isha bint Shamir

Food Likes:

  • Is a bonafide foodie and cook herself, so she loves to try things other people have made
  • ANYTHING pumpkin, meats, salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, dark chocolate, nuts, olives, fish, fowl, eggs, dill pickles

Food Dislikes:

  • GLUTEN INTOLERANT (glutinous food gifts will be shared with the court)
  • Sweet pickles, organ meats, a high proportion of sugar or starch, large portions

Beverage Likes:

  • ICED COFFEE (with stevia or splenda and cream), hot espresso drinks (in the morning or when it’s cold), iced tea, sekanjabin, water
  • Good red wines, Hippocras, Ciders, High quality Scotch (sparingly)

Beverage Dislikes:

  • No soda, no wheat or barley based beverages, very rarely will drink sugared beverages

Scents Likes:

  • Spicy, Musky, Cinnamon, Cloves

Scents Dislikes:

  • NOTHING vanilla, or baked-goods-scented, no fake florals

Culture Period:

  • 14th Century Western Europe

Culture Costuming:

  • Cotehardies, Houppelandes, Sideless Surcoats, Hose, Turnshoes
  • Silk, Silk Brocade, Wool, Linen
  • Colors: black & gold, teal, dark green, white, silver, burgundy


Conrad and A’isha’s calendar may also be found here.

Month Day(s) Event Location Notes
August 24 Festival of the Rose / Leodamus of Thebes Tourney Calafia ~
August 25 Order of the White Scarf Meeting Lyondemere ~
August 30-2 Highland War Al Sahid HRH A'isha's birthday!
September 14 Angels Anniversary Angels ~
September 15 Order of the Chivalry Meeting Angels? ~
October 9-13 Great Western War Wintermist ~
October 26 Dreiburgen Anniversary Dreiburgen ~
November 2 Fall Coronation Dun Or ~
November 3 Queen's Champion Dun Or ~
November 9 Calafia Anniversary Calafia ~
November 16 Isles Anniversary Isles ~
November 23 Queen's Champion Archery & Thrown Weapons Altavia ~
November 30 Wintermist Yule Wintermist ~
December 7 Festival of the Rose / Calafia Winter Arts Calafia ~
December 8 Lyondemere Yule Lyondemere ~
December 21 Starkhafn Yule Starkhafn ~
January 4 Twelfth Night Calafia ~
January 5 Order of the Pelican Meeting Calafia ~
January 16-20 Winter Weekend Calafia HRM A'isha only
January 18 Angels Melee Angels HRM Conrad only
January 19 Order of the Laurel Meeting Angels ~
January 25 Gyldenholt Unbelted Gyldenholt ~
January 26 Order of the White Scarf Meeting Gyldenholt ~
February 1 Festival of Feast and Song Starkhafn ~
February 14-17 Talon / Crescent Festival Starkhafn ~
February 22 Crown Tourney Dreiburgen ~
February 23 Privy Council Dreiburgen ~
March 7-9 West Coast Culinary Symposium Gyldenholt ~
March 9-16 Gulf Wars Glen Haven Will attend 3/14-3/16
March 22-23 Collegium TBD ~
March 29 Galla-Al Sahid Anniversary Al Sahid ~
April 11-13 Starkhafn Anniversary Starkhafn ~
April 19 Dun Or Anniversary Dun Or ~
April 25-26 Treasure Chest War Norwache ~
May 3 Darach Anniversary Darach ~
May 10 Altavia Anniversary Altavia ~
May 17 Wintermist Anniversary Wintermist HRM Conrad only?
May 22-26 Potrero War Calafia ~
June 7 Coronation Carreg Wen Stepping Down!
June 8 Queen's Champion Carreg Wen ~

Awards and Honors

Awards Given since the most recent OP publication


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