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Baroness Éowyn Amberdrake
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Active (fealty to Caid)
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Eowyn Amberdrake arms.jpg
Azure, in pale three dragons passant Or, and for augmentation, a Caidan Cross in canton
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Baroness Éowyn Amberdrake, OP, OL, has been recognized with an Augmentation of Arms and Personal Heraldic Title. She is married to Baron Jamal Damien Marcus, OL, KSCA.

Her motto is borrowed from Michaelangelo, who inscribed it next to an image of Father Time: "Ancora Imparo", translated by Ralph Waldo Emerson in "Poetry and Imagination" (1847) as "I am still learning."

Persona Biography

Born in Northumbria near the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in the year 650, Éowyn learned to read, write, and cipher from the fathers of the island. She ran away with a bard, but after she was left a widow, she eventually became a scribe at Lindisfarne. She has a carved amber dragon that others mention when distinguishing her from the other Éowyn who lives not far away. She left/will leave this amber drake to her granddaughter, also named Éowyn . She, in turn, leaves it to her daughter, and so on. The last Éowyn was heard from shortly after 1600, in the New World, about to embark on a trek through the deserts of New Mexico.

SCA Biography

Éowyn first found the SCA at LACon, the World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles, in 1972. She returned to her home area of al-Barran, Outlands, Atenveldt, where she participated mostly through the UNM fencing club and the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society. Moved to Freehold of the Great River, Outlands, Atenveldt, where she started training as an SCA fighter. Moved to Barony of Angels, Caid, in 1975, and became a founding member of the canton of Lyonesse (soon to be Lyondemere) in July 1975. Has remained resident in Lyondemere ever since. She received her Laurel in 1979 for Scribal arts (primary) and leaded glass (secondary) at Balin and Amsha's Coronation, and her Pelican for her work with the office of Scribe Armarius, at Adrian and Ealasaid's Coronation in November 1982.

As Scribe Armarius, she computerized the records of the office (before the era of home computers) and that of Caidan awards in general, held semi-regular scriptoria at people's houses, hosted the scriptorium on the second day of Collegium that is now an institution, wrote several teaching broadsides, and generally encouraged scribes.

Éowyn joined the Board of Directors in 1984. At her first meeting, there were the first phone calls and letters in what promised to be a storm of upset subscribers to the Compleat Anachronist over issue #13. She volunteered to pull together a bonus issue on short notice, and by leveraging the skills of many talented Caidans, got issue #14 ready for publication in record time. She also participated in the Corporate review of the offices (which resulted in the consolidation of the separate offices of Arts and Sciences at the Corporate level). She was Chairman for her last year on the Board, and stepped down in 1988.

Later in 1984, Baldwin of Erebor, was tapped for Laurel and he asked Éowyn to be Clarion Queen of Arms. As Clarion, Éowyn and Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme worked with the College of Arms to revise the Rules for Submissions, and introduced several useful pieces of documentation (since superceded). They were also regulars at the monthly Laurel work parties.

In 1989, Caid's College of Heralds decided to host the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, and Éowyn agreed to be both overall autocrat and producer of the Proceedings volumes (Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood was editor). She did the layout, pulled together the Florilegium article from past CoA correspondence, and contributed some articles. She discovered that also teaching at that symposium was one task too many, and finds those classes to be a blur in her memory.

In 1991, Éowyn agreed to serve the remaining year of a Board director that needed to retire. So she was back on the BoD for a year.

In 1992, Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme became Laurel, and Éowyn agreed to be Drop Dead Deputy, mostly working at the monthly work parties. She did supervise the transfer of the office to his successor, and issued one month's LoAR documenting Laurel's decisions. She decided that was not her forte.

Then there was a period of rest and relaxation, in which she held no offices, and took up embroidery. She wrote some articles, but generally kicked back. She did design the site token for the first Great Western War 1997.

In 2000, she and her lord husband were named as successors to the Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere. There followed five years of intense local activity in a great Barony, until stepping down in 2006. At Winter Weekend in 2006, she was talking with some other heralds, and somehow agreed to autocrat the next Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in Caid, in 2007. With the help of a great group of people doing most of the work, we pulled it off, even hosting a 1-day scribal workshop on the art of Jean Bourdichon, with Sylvana Barrett (a local teacher who often teaches at the Getty) the day before.

In 2007, a Westerner approached Éowyn and Richenda Elizabeth Coffin with an idea about holding an interkingdom needlework symposium (IKINS). The first was in Caid in 2008, the second in the West in 2009, then rest for a bit. The third IKINS was part of the Collegium Caidis event in 2012, with Éowyn and Richenda as local co-autocrats.

Éowyn is currently holding no offices, and concentrating on writing and publishing books about embroidery based on historical styles, and teaching embroidery as well, in the modern world.

Many thanks to the generous scribes who have made award scrolls for me: Louise of Woodsholme (Pelican), Zenobia Naphtali (Court Baroness), Teleri of Gwynedd (AA), Atanielle Unesse (Dolphin), Thomas Brownwell (Leaf of Merit), Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme (Augmentation of Arms). I treasure each one.

Offices & Positions

Classes Taught



Many articles in Ars Caidis, Tournaments Illuminated, Proceedings of various heraldic and scribal symposia. Also some more mainstream publications. The include:

  • 2023 - Tournaments Illuminated #220 "Embroidered Motifs on Elizabethan Caps"
  • 2023 - Tournaments Illuminated #218 “Grapes & Roses Cushion Cover"
  • 2022 - Tournaments Illuminated #217 Review of “Opus Anglicanum: a Practical Guide by Tanya Bentham”
  • 2021 - Tournaments Illuminated #216 “Gold flowers coif”; “Embroidered Motifs on Elizabethan Caps”
  • 2019 - Tournaments Illuminated #209 "Seeing the Durham Gospels”;
  • 2018 - Tournaments Illuminated #207 "Embroidery with a Child"
  • 2014 - Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Proceedings

Romanesque Knotwork Panels in the St. Albans Psalter; A Brief History of the Coptic Church and its Books; Coptic Knotwork Overview; Coptic Knotwork in Manuscripts; Coptic Knotwork on Ostraca

  • 2014 - Tournaments Illuminated #192 "Knots and Dots: The Evidence"; #193 "Notes at an Armor Lecture"
  • 2003 - Tournaments Illuminated #147 “A Verse to Learn Ogam/Ogham”
  • 1997 - Tournaments Illuminated #123 “Rune Songs”
  • 1992 - Tournaments Illuminated #105 “Heraldry Enframed”
  • 1988 - Tournaments Illuminated #88 “The Beasts of Durham”; “Drawing the Dogs of Lindisfarne"
  • 1987 - Tournaments Illuminated #82 “Aviforms from Kells”; “Eadfrith’s Aviforms: Lindisfarne Gospel”
  • 1985 - Tournaments Illuminated #77 “Heraldry for Scribes”; #76 “Medieval Monster Mix and Match”
  • 1982 - Tournaments Illuminated #63 “…Of Scrolls–and Rolls–and Sealing Wax, or Why SCA Scrolls Are So Hard to Design”

Academia.edu published papers of interest to Scadians

  • "Loopy Lattice Sweet Bag in Private Collection," Feb 2024
  • "Embroidered Motifs on Elizabethan Caps," Jan 2024
  • "Slips and Lozenges Sweet Bag MFA 38.1344, Rev 1," Dec 2023
  • "Ribbon-Topped Sweet Bag MFA 43.1077, Rev1," Jun 2023
  • "Gold Flowers Coif in Private Collection," Feb 2023
  • "Spiky Stems Polychrome Coif LACMA M.84.46.4", Jan 2023
  • “Raised Work Sweet Bag MFA 43.1082”, June 2022
  • “Man's Cap with Acorns LACMA M.2013.215.47”, Dec 2021
  • “Grapes & Roses Cushion Cover LACMA M.88.102.1”, Nov 2021
  • “Big Leaves Night Cap LACMA M.2014.93.1”, Oct 2021
  • “Carnations & Acorns Blackwork Coif”, Oct 2021
  • “Eight-Flowers Polychrome Coif MFA 43.249”, June 2021
  • “Slips and Lozenges Sweet Bag MFA 38.1344”, May 2021
  • “Scattered Slips Sweet Bag MFA 43.1076”, Feb. 2021
  • “Forehead Cloth MFA 43.1081”, Nov. 2020

Piecework Magazine, Fall 2023, "Gilded Age Rosette in Blackwork"

The Compleat Anachronist

Author and Illustrator of:

Editor/ Compiler of:

Illustrator of:


  • Caidan Bardic Circle Songbook #1
  • Caidan Bardic Circle Songbook #2
  • Caidan Bardic Circle Songbook #3
  • Caidan Bardic Circle Songbook #4
  • Caidan Bardic Circle Songbook #5


  • A Lymner's Roll of Arms of the Kingdoms, Principalities, and Baronies of the Knowne World. 1984.
  • Hrisoulas, Jim. The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection. Boulder: Paladin Press. 1987.
  • A Lymner's Roll 2 of Arms of the Kingdoms, Principalities, and Baronies of the Knowne World. 1991.


  • Heraldic Proceedings of the Known World Heraldic Symposium in Caid, 1989.
  • Scribal Proceedings of the Known World Heraldic Symposium in Caid, 1989.
  • Song Book of the Known World Heraldic Symposium in Caid, 1989.

Event Staff

Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Participation

  • Individual Overall Winner, 2019 Pentathlon with entries
    • 1.2.0 Visual: Illumination - Artisan -reconstituted dry pigments on vellum - "Dancing Dragon"
    • 4.6.3 Embroidery - Artisan - technique is Elizabethan Raisedwork - "Full Metal Fruits and Nuts"
    • 6.1.0 Performance: Dramatic Interpretation - Journeyman - "Rune Songs"
    • 7.4.1 Composition: Prose: Informational Expository - Artisan - "Cushion Cover LACMA M.88.102.1"
    • 7.5.0 Composition: Prose: How-To Paper - Artisan - "Flecked Flowers in Hearts"
  • Individual Overall Winner, 1999 Pentathlon with entries
    • Calligraphed "Beowulf and the Dragon" based on hand of original ms., bound into a book
    • Dramatic Reading of "Beowulf and the Dragon"
    • Scribal tools of quills and ink used for "Beowulf and the Dragon"
    • Embroidery - I think it was blackwork of two Ellizabethan dancers titled "Sellinger's Round"
    • Research Paper (actually, a How to paper, which didn't quite fit the guidelines, so new category was created for the following Pentathlon)
  • Individual Overall Winner, 1980 Pentathlon with entries
    • Calligraphed Scroll
    • Illuminated Scroll
    • Leaded Glass panel
    • Woodworking - large chest (now used for storing vinyl phonograph albums)
    • don't recall other items
  • Team Winner, 2001 Pentathlon as part of Team Lyondemere
  • Team Winner, 2003 Pentathlon as part of Team Lyondemere
  • Judge of Pentathlon 1981 - 2017, when not competing


Artistic Interests

  • Calligraphy, especially Insular from ca. 700 - 1000AD
  • Ms. Illumination, especially Insular from ca. 700 - 1000AD, Medieval European, and Renaissance
  • Pictish, Anglo-Saxon, Irish, British, and Viking Art (ca. 600 - ca. 1000)
  • Dragons and Monsters, what they looked like in mss and art, how they are blazoned, fabulous stories about them
  • Embroidery, especially English Elizabethan and Italian Renaissance whitework
  • Elizabethan sweet bags
  • Heraldry, especially Heraldic art
  • Woodworking
  • Weaving and braiding, especially fingerloop braids


Image Preview Award Recipient
Eowynamberdrake33.jpg Augmentation of Arms Conrad von Regensburg
Eowynamberdrake68.jpg Award of Arms Adelaide de Beaumont
Eowynamberdrake31.jpg Award of Arms Al-Haadi abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid
Eowynamberdrake18.jpg Award of Arms Alberic Reed
Eowynamberdrake24.jpg Award of Arms Ane-Marie Varre of Helsingor
Eowynamberdrake44.jpg Award of Arms Celeste Lamuray de Provence
Eowynamberdrake45.jpg Detail of Award of Arms Celeste Lamuray de Provence
20141101 111618.jpg Award of Arms Christine Ariadne of Gwynedd
Eowynamberdrake26.jpg Award of Arms Conrad von Regensburg
Eowynamberdrake6.jpg Award of Arms Eadwynne of Runedun
Eowynamberdrake14.jpg Award of Arms Eyana bat David
Jamal aoa.jpg Award of Arms Jamal Damien Marcus
Eowynamberdrake38.jpg Award of Arms Joscelyn Fitzharry of Gillyflower
Eowynamberdrake39.jpg Detail of Award of Arms Joscelyn Fitzharry of Gillyflower
Eowynamberdrake64.jpg Award of Arms Malcolm Rudolf MacGregor
Eowynamberdrake7.jpg Award of Arms Michelle de Feraud
Eowynamberdrake37.jpg Award of Arms Quiauhxochitl
Eowynamberdrake67.jpg Award of Arms Rosemary Petsley
Eowynamberdrake65.jpg Award of Arms Terellys of Darkmoor
Eowynamberdrake70.jpg Court Barony Aurelia of Ashton
Eowynamberdrake3.jpg Court Barony Cameron of Caldoon
Eowynamberdrake72.jpg Court Barony Colin Wynthorpe
Eowynamberdrake71.jpg Court Barony Xena Baxter Wynthorpe
Eowynamberdrake42.jpg Dolphin Al-Haadi abd-al-Malik Husam ibn Khalid (formerly Akagawa Yoshio)
Eowynamberdrake8.jpg Dolphin Anna McAyre of Gorabh
Eowynamberdrake1.jpg Dolphin Atanielle Unesse
Eowynamberdrake5.jpg Dolphin Cedric the Dark
Eowynamberdrake56.jpg Dolphin Ceridwen Dafydd
AliskyeMacKyvenRaizel4.JPG Dolphin Eden Elizabeth MacNab of Sommerhawke
Eowynamberdrake11.jpg Dolphin Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon
Eowynamberdrake9.jpg Dolphin Gwydioan am y-Gorlwyn
Eowynamberdrake25.jpg Dolphin Joan of Crawfordsmuir
Eowynamberdrake55.jpg Dolphin Mary Taran of Glastonbury
Eowynamberdrake4.jpg Dolphin Matti Turkulainen
Eowynamberdrake49.jpg Dolphin Quiauhxochitl
Eowynamberdrake63.jpg Dolphin Susana of Dunstan
Eowynamberdrake41.jpg Dolphin Thin Robert of Lawrence
Eowynamberdrake53.jpg Dolphin Zenobia Naphtali
Eowynamberdrake30.jpg Duchy Arianyn du Penryn
Eowynamberdrake27.jpg Duchy Gregory of York
Eowynamberdrake15.jpg Grant of Arms Pwyll pen Tyrhon
Eowynamberdrake13.jpg Grant of Arms Thin Robert of Lawrence
Eowynamberdrake10.jpg Harp Argent Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh
Coronation Summer 2019 11.jpg Harp Argent Sigridr hvita refr
Coronation Summer 2019 11a.jpg Detail of Harp Argent Sigridr hvita refr
Eowynamberdrake2.jpg Harp Argent Soraya Evodia
Eowynamberdrake28.jpg Harp Argent Tetchubah of Greenlake
Eowynamberdrake36.jpg Knight Aonghais Dubh MacTarbh
Eowynamberdrake62.jpg Knight Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst
Baldwin laurel.jpg Laurel Baldwin of Erebor
Eowynamberdrake50.jpg Laurel (Pre-text) Baldwin of Erebor
Eowynamberdrake51.jpg Detail of Laurel Baldwin of Erebor
Eowynamberdrake47.jpg Laurel Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
Eowynamberdrake48.jpg Detail of Laurel Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
Eowynamberdrake59.jpg Laurel Giles Hill of Sweetwater
Eowynamberdrake16.jpg Laurel Louise of Woodsholme
Eowynamberdrake17.jpg Detail of Laurel Louise of Woodsholme
Mary Taran leaf of merit.jpg Leaf of Merit, West Kingdom scroll Mary Taran of Glastonbury
Eowynamberdrake19.jpg Pelican Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim
Eowynamberdrake20.jpg Detail of Pelican Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim
Eowynamberdrake58.jpg Pelican Ambros Celidonis
Eowynamberdrake21.jpg Pelican Caitriona ni Bhriain
Eowynamberdrake60.jpg Pelican Colin Wynthorpe
Eowynamberdrake22.jpg Pelican Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood
Eowynamberdrake66.jpg Detail of Pelican Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood
Eowynamberdrake61.jpg Pelican Xena Baxter Wynthorpe
Eowynamberdrake35.jpg Viscountess Bevin Fraser of Sterling


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