Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Or semy of strawberry plants, slipped, leaved, and fructed proper, a unicornate horse couchant reguardant vert and for augmentation, on a sinister canton azure four crescents conjoined in saltire horns outward argent.
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Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, OL, OP, is a former Baroness of the Angels and a member of the Griffin Freehold.

Flavia was highly active before and during the birth of the Kingdom of Caid. At that time, she was known as "Bjo of Griffin." Many historical pages on this site refer to her by that name.


Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani is a Genoese merchant baroness who traveled with her uncle to the great trade markets of the Middle East. Since businesswomen are accepted in her part of the world, she started her own dye trade, gathering all sorts of fabric and dyeing materials from Aleppo to Genoa. It was, of course inevitable that she would one day cross paths with a handsome Welsh merchant (John ap Griffin). Their mutual love of merchanting, travel and each other has led to a thriving business and wonderful marriage of many years. They maintain two homes, one in Genoa and one in Constantinople. They have two daughters: Lady Kathryn du Griffin, who is a talented graphic artist, and Dame Lorissa du Griffin, who had the distinction of being the SCA's youngest monarch as a 10-year-old Princess of Caid.

Offices & Positions



Barony of the Angels

Event Staff

Classes Taught


Pentathlon 2013

  • Brewing, Medicinal: 2nd Place Apprentice

Pentathlon 2015

  • Tools: Scribal: 1st place Journeyman
  • Brewing: Varietals: 1st place Apprentice
  • Brewing: Varietals: 2nd place Apprentice


Projects & Publications

Crown Prints Cover art


Image Preview Award Recipient
20141101 112535.jpg County Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
Edward mora ducal.jpg County Edward Senestre and Mora de Buchanan
Edward Mora County.jpg Ducal Edward Senestre and Mora de Buchanan
Coronation Winter 2013 001.JPG Knight Davi d'Orléans
Coronation Winter 2013 003.JPG Detail of Knight Davi d'Orléans
Morgunnravenstone1.jpg Laurel scroll before calligraphy Neptha of Thebes
Flaviabeatricecarmigniani1.jpg Laurel Neptha of Thebes
Flaviabeatricecarmigniani2.jpg Detail of Laurel Neptha of Thebes
FotR Aug 2016 scroll 9.jpg Pelican Raven of Heronsmarsh
FotR Aug 2016 scroll 9a.jpg Detail of Pelican Raven of Heronsmarsh
Flaviabeatricecarmigniani3.jpg Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin

Shield Painting

More Info

  • John and Flavia operate Griffin Dyeworks offering quality dyes and fiber tools, such as natural dyes, earth oxides and dye pigments, as well as roving, yarns, threads, drop spindles,lucets, nålbinding needles, kumihimo forms, silk scarves, dyepots, and many other useful items. Our goal is to serve the needs of spinners, dyers, weavers, felters, knitters, and other fiber artists.