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The Crown Prints (abbreviated "CP") is the official newsletter of Caid. It is edited by the Kingdom Chronicler. While it was once a print newsletter, SCA Inc. policy now requires all Kingdom Newsletters to be published electronically, or print copies may be received for an extra fee. Members of the SCA can access the Crown Prints, and all other kingdom newsletters, at the Society E-Newsletter web page.


It was created in August 1974 by Baron John ap Griffin and Baroness Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (known then Bjo of Griffin) as an unofficial publication for the Principality. Subscriptions were $2.00 a year which entitled the reader to four quarterly offset newsletters, plus any "emergency" publications (like the notice about War vs. Atenveldt).

In the October 1974 (#1 issue) issue, names that had been submitted for the newsletter were offered up for voting to the populace and included:

The Stronghold, Castelum, The Crown Prints, Alcayde, The Crescent, The Caid Clarion, Khitab al'Caid, Krak du Chevalier (named after Crac des Chevaliers, a Medieval Crusader fortress near Tripoli), The Ward, Buckler, Basilisk, The Siege, The Moat, The Sentinel, The Battlement, CAID-ance, The Holding, Vox Populi, The Shield, Minaret, Portcullis, Muizzin, The Keep, Vizier, Kufic (early Arabic script), Asabiyya (Arabic for tribal or clan spirit), Dhe Sura, Qasida (an Arabic ode), Falsafa (Arabic, "knowledge of the universe"), The Caid Ceidhle, Sgian Dhu (Gaelic for "black knife"), Dun Caid: The Fortress of Caid, The Alarum, Tuatha Caid ("the People of Caid"), Gae Bolga (Cuchulainn's secret weapon), and The Quarterstaff (because there will never be enough members to staff it properly).

The winning name was ... The Crown Prints, submitted by Kirstin of Hoschar of Dreiburgen.

There were three "test" issues run prior to the #1 issue: (1) an off-set Caid Newsletter, (2) a "War Declared" mimeo newsletter, and (3) a "quickie newsletter" telling everyone where Angels Anniversary was to be held.

The electronic version of The Crown Prints became available beginning January 2012.

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