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Welcome to the Kingdom of Caid's Newcomer Site. The information you will find in these pages is written for the ladies and lords who have recently joined the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA), as well as those who may be considering joining and would like to find more about the Current Middle Ages within the Kingdom of Caid. Those of you who already know their way through the Known World of the Current Middle Ages may find this site useful for general resource information, as it has many links to other SCA sites.

Getting Started

Some of the Best Articles for Newcomers

You're new! Welcome! Now what? Where should you start? Here's a list of articles on the Caid wiki specifically that are great if you're just learning to get to know the SCA and our Kingdom here in particular.

  • Sumptuary Laws - What's a law? What's a tradition? What sorts of things should I know about?
  • Award Cords - Sometimes you'll see ribbons or bands worn on arms or shoulders... Check out what they mean!

Links of Interest

Webpages of Interest

Guilds of Caid
Kingdom Guilds: Academy of Equestrian Arts, Arachne's Web, Blue Feather, Blue Nails Dyers, Brewers' Guild, Circle of Bards, Company of Archers, Company of Clothiers, Hounds of Caid, Metalworkers' Guild, Middle Eastern Guild, Newcomers Guild, Potters' Guild, Royal Crescent Navy, Saint Genesius

Other Information: Local Guilds, Former Guilds, Officers

Officers of Caid
Offices: Crown, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Constable, Exchequer, Herald, Lists, Marshal, Seneschal, Webwright, Youth
Officer Groups: Army, College of Heralds, College of Scribes, Collegium Caidis, Crown Prints, Newcomers Guild, Water Bearer Guild
Other Information: Caidan Law, Greater Officer of State, Lesser Officer of State, Guilds, Officer Hierarchy, Privy Council