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Azure, a greyhound rampant regardant collared within a bordure embattled argent
Founded: 05/24/2006

The official Guild dedicated to sharing the love for hounds and history.


Mission Statement

To promote the research, study and recreation of hound-related arts and science activities from the SCA medieval period.


Any member of the populace interested in pursuing hound-related arts and sciences and sharing their studies and skills with the kingdom shall be considered a Hounds of Caid guild member. SCA Membership is not required though enthusiastically encouraged. All guild members are encouraged to weigh in on issues and are always invited to voice their opinions/suggestions.


  • The Hounds of Caid guild shall be housed under Caid Arts and Sciences reporting directly to the Kingdom A&S officer
  • All finances will be maintained by the Kingdom Exchequer
  • All amendments to this charter must be approved by the Kingdom Hound Master and the guild.

Guild Structure

Kingdom Hound Master/Mistress

The guild shall be administrated by a Kingdom Hound Master (or Hound Mistress). To be eligible for this position an individual must:

  • Be a member in good standing with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
  • Have the approval of the Crown and Kingdom A&S Officer
  • Be selected by vote of the guild
  • Facilitate the promotion of hound-related arts and sciences to the best of his ability
  • Be prepared to serve a term of two years (if there is no suitable replacement at the end of the Kingdom Hound Master’s term he may request to remain in his position for an additional year or until a suitable replacement can be found)

The Kingdom Hound Master serves as the chief administrator, arbiter and group spokesperson for the guild and has the following responsibilities:

  • Actively promotes the goals, activities and events of the guild
  • Reports quarterly to the Kingdom A&S Officer on guild activities
  • Works directly with designated exchequer to oversee guild finances
  • Promotes safe and responsible use/treatment of hounds in all activities
  • Attends and supports guild activities whenever possible
  • Keeps the Kingdom coursing equipment or designates a guild member to do so
  • Holds the title of Hunt Master

Hunt Master/Mistress

Guild members will be given the title of Hunt Master (or Hunt Mistress) with the authorization to set up and run the lure coursing equipment at Caid events after designing and running an entire course twice under another authorized Hunt Master. Hunt Masters will have the responsibility of designing and running courses with the hounds’ safety as their main concern. A basic understanding of dog health, fitness, injuries and first-aid is strongly encouraged as the hounds’ safety and well-being should always be top priority.

Any Caid event featuring coursing must have a Hunt Master in attendance who will be responsible for setting up and running the lure coursing equipment and/or overseeing Hunt Master training. It is also the responsibility of the Hunt Master to have local emergency vet contact information on hand in the event a hound is injured and requires immediate medical attention.

Additional Offices

As the Hounds of Caid guild grows, additional positions may be created as needed.

Guild Responsibilities

The guild will actively promote hound-related arts and sciences through:

  • Research of period hound arts and sciences (i.e. breeds, uses, hunting techniques, care, collars and leads, barding, armor, equipment, etc.)
  • Sharing of period hound knowledge through classes, papers, articles and A&S projects
  • Demonstration of period hound activities at events (i.e. coursing, carting, herding, etc.)
  • In exchange for the Crown's generous support of the guild and for the privilege of hunting upon Royal lands, the Hounds of Caid guild will make a payment of 5 rabbit pelts (or the equivalent) to the Crown twice per year.
  • In addition, the guild will also maintain a “Royal” pack of hounds for the Crown, kept fit in hunting condition and ready to be slipped at the pleasure of the Crown whenever They request.

This charter enacted on the 24th day of June, 2006

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