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Metalworkers coins Rørik and Karina sm.jpg
Coins struck by Daniel ben Abraham for Rørik and Karina's coronation
Founded: 06/07/1997

The Metalworkers' Guild of Caid.

The purpose of the Guild was to promote the Metal Arts in Caid. Having existed unofficially for several years, the Guild was officially founded by Daniel ben Abraham in AS XXXII. At the inception of the Guild at Rørik and Karina's coronation, hand-struck silver coins by Daniel ben Abraham were presented to seated royalty. Other struck coins were thrown to the assembled populace. After Master Daniel ben Abraham stepped down as Guildmaster, the position was held for some time by Robindra of the Isles.

Guild Events

Events most associated with the Guild were its Hammer-Ins, hosted at different times by Master Antonio el Oso, Tristan Keck, Master Damales Redbeard, and Baron Eadwynne of Runedun.

Patron Saints

  • Saint Eligius (also Eloy or Loye)
  • Saint Dunstan

Scope of the Caidan Metalworkers’ Guild

The Caidan Metalworkers’ Guild is an association of local guilds and members who have an interest in period metalworking practices. This is a very diverse area and so the Guild welcomes a wide range of interests. The following are types of practices, but please remember that they overlap and each can assist the others.

  • Blacksmithing and Forming: Metal forming through hot or cold striking, and might include a) of ferrous metals, b) Tool making, c) Blade making, d) Fabrication of other ferrous products
  • Brightsmithing and Forming of non-ferrous metals including repoussé, chasing and pierced work
  • Casting: Foundry work and similar techniques
  • Moneying: The creation of coins and other similar products (like buttons) through techniques such as 1) Engraving and punching dies to create struck coins, b Cast coins and other techniques
  • Jewelry (which often combines some of the above techniques and more)
  • Armoring (a specialty deserving of its own category)
  • Weaponry
  • Metal working history and research
  • Safe work practices

Metalworkers' Guild Charter


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