Agrippa III and Dawid

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Agrippa and Dawid Court 6-24-2018 680px.jpg
Agrippa and Dawid
Sovereign: Agrippa Morris
Consort: Dawid Radzowycz
Caid Crown #: 82
Preceded by: Wilhelm II and Tsyra
Succeeded by: Adam and Stæina

At Crown Tournament on 3/11/2018, Agrippa Morris, fighting for Dawid Radzowycz defeated Duke Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia. Agrippa was wreathed as al-Caid and Dawid as Lord Caid. Their Coronation took place on June 23 at Caid's 40th Anniversary and Coronation 2018.


Royal Champions

From the January 2019 Crown Prints

Come now Kings Agrippa and Dawid, undoubted Kings of Caid, who send Their warmest greetings to the magnificent populace of these Crescent Lands! This past month has been a time of transition and travel. We ventured forth to Calafia and Naevehjem to install the new Barons and Baronesses. We were also delighted to join with the people of Isles to celebrate their anniversary. As We begin the celebrations of the holiday season, we look forward to joining with the peo-ple of Our Baronies of Starkhafn, Altavia, and Angels to enjoy their Yule festivities. With the changing of the seasons, the days grow short and so does Our time on the Dolphin Thrones. But Twelfth Night approaches, and with it, a new day will begin as We transfer the Crowns to Our Heirs. We hope that everyone who is able will join us for this joyous occasion! In closing this, Our last missive to you as the Crown, know that it has been a tremendous honor to have the privilege of serving Caid as its Kings, and We will remain ever grateful for the support and love which you have shown Us. We thank you all, from the very bottom of Our hearts. Long Live the Kingdom of Caid, and may its glorious populace ever prosper!

  • Agrippa and Dawid, Reges Caidis

Royal Progress

Date (2018) Event Location
June 23-24 Coronation Shire of al-Sahid
July 4-8 West/An Tir War Kingdom of An Tir
July 14-15 Royal Champion Barony of Calafia
July 21 Lyondemere Anniversary Barony of Lyondemere
August 4-12 Pennsic Kingdom of Æthelmearc
August 18 Festival of the Rose Barony of Dreiburgen
September 1-3 Highland War Shire of al-Sahid
September 8 Angels Anniversary & Investiture Barony of Angels
September 15-16 Crown & Kingdom Officers Meeting Barony of Altavia
October 2-8 Great Western War Barony of Wintermist
October 27 Western Seas Baronial Tournament Barony of Western Seas
November 3 Calafia Anniversary & Investiture Barony of Calafia
November 10 Isles Anniversary Shire of Isles
November 17 Naevehjem Anniversary Barony of Naevehjem
December 1 Dreiburgen Yule (tentative) Barony of Dreiburgen
December 2 Gyldenholt-Lyondemere Yule (tentative) Barony of Gyldenholt
December 15 Starkhafn Yule Barony of Starkhafn
January 5, 2019 Kingdom 12th Night & Winter Coronation 2019 Barony of Lyondemere


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