Hammer-In 1997

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Location: Wintermist
Date: 10/11-12/1997

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From the Crown Prints

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The weekend prior to Dreiburgen Anniversary, 1997, I attended a Hammer-in at Oso’s. Because it conflicted with StarkWars II, it was a small event (only about 30 or so people) with plenty of time and room for hands-on workshops. One of these workshops was in minting coins and was hosted by Viscount Wolf Dietrich von Hohenwald. He and others came together to share their experiences and knowledge of period and Society minting: how to make coins. At the event, we organized the Caidan Money’s Guild, which we hope to affiliate with the Inter-Kingdom Moneyer’s Guild currently headed up in An Tir.We also made an on-site commemorative coin – partly to demonstrate the techniques involved, and because it was just plain fun. The techniques were much simpler than I had thought, and I was very enthused! ~Eadwynne of Runedun


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