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Guilds and other groups that function on a local level (Baronial or Canton) and not Kingdom level.



  • Full Listing of Calafian Guilds and Groups on Calafia Web Site
    • Bardic Guild
    • Brewers Guild
    • Calafia Chirurgeon's Guild
    • Calafia Metalworkers Guild
    • Calafia Middle Eastern Guild
    • Calafia Music Guild
    • Calafia Outdoor Cooking Guild
    • Calafia Potters Guild
    • Calafia Ransomers' Guild
    • Calafia Rapier Guild
    • The Company of St. Catherine Spinning/Weaving/All Things String
    • Equestrian
    • European Dance Guild
    • Hearth & Cauldron (Calafia Cooking Guild)
    • Iron Brigade
    • Just a Bit of Trim (Calafia Costumers Guild)
    • The Nautical Guild
    • The Provisioners Guild
    • Needleworkers Guild
    • The Right Noble Calafia Metal Workers
    • The Scholars Guild
    • Scriptorium
    • Viking


Dun Or

  • Brewer's Guild
  • Herbalist Guild
  • Tinker's Guild



Western Seas

Guilds of Caid
Kingdom Guilds: Academy of Equestrian Arts, Arachne's Web, Blue Feather, Blue Nails Dyers, Brewers' Guild, Circle of Bards, Company of Archers, Company of Clothiers, Hounds of Caid, Metalworkers' Guild, Middle Eastern Guild, Newcomers Guild, Potters' Guild, Royal Crescent Navy, Saint Genesius

Other Information: Local Guilds, Former Guilds, Officers