Dreiburgen Archers

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Drei Archers.jpg
AZ, on a tower AR a pheon inverted AZ, within a bordure AR. (8307 Caid)
Founded: mm/dd/yyyy

Traditions Current


The Dreiburgen Company of Archer’s Badge charges members with three responsibilities.

  • 1 That as a member you are always striving to improve your skills.
  • 2 That you support your fellow baronial archers with respect and camaraderie
  • 3 That you represent your barony with honor and dignity.

The Badge is worn on the shoulder of the draw arm with the appropriate tassel(s) attached to it.


Ranking is determined by averaging the points of 3 royal rounds.

  • Novice 0 - 24
  • Bowman 25 - 44
  • Yeoman 45 - 64
  • Forester 65 - 84
  • Bow Master 85 - 104
  • Royal Bow Master 105 and up


The tassels hanging form the badge Represents two things. 1st archers of the period would weare a large tassel, with which to clean their equipment. We wear it to honor their memory. 2nd The color of the tassel represents the skill of the archer.

  • White is for the Novice who is at the beginning of an exciting path.
  • Black represents the Bowman
  • Blue is for the Yeoman
  • Red is the Forester
  • Yellow is the Bow Master
  • Purple is for the Royal Bow Master who is at the top of their craft
  • Green is for combat archers

Multiple tassels from the badge represents rankings in different divisions.

Traditions Early

The archery ranks of the 1980’s were displayed on leather belt favors or sometimes leather arm bands.


There were 3 divisions of bows and each division had its color leather that the belt favor was made of:

  • Blue was Open division
  • Green was Long bow division
  • Black was Crossbow

At the top of each favor was the badge of the Dreiburgen Archers.


There were four ranks of archers, these ranks were represented upward pointing chevrons appearing below the badge on the favor.

  • Bowman had 1 white chevron
  • Yeoman had 2 white chevrons
  • Forester had 3 white chevrons
  • Bow Master had 4 chevrons, 3 white the bottom 1 was Yellow
  • Royal Bow Master had 4 chevrons, 3 white, 1 was Yellow and 1 was Purple.

The scoring back then was the same as today, the average of 3 royal rounds. Bowman 0-44, Yeoman 45-64, Forester 65-84, Bow Master 85-104, and Royal Bow Master 105-120+ .



Royal Bow Masters & Bow Masters

Name Rank Category
Paganus Grimlove RBM Open, Longbow, Crossbow, Period
Frederick von Wolvesgang RBM Crossbow
Roger Wells of Dragon’s Bane BM Open, Longbow, Crossbow
Yvon Bater of Darkwood BM Open, Longbow, Crossbow
Damales Redbeard BM Open, Longbow
Leo de Coronado BM Open
Raymond aus Dreiburgen BM Open
Carolus von Eulenhorst BM Open
Gaius Gracchus of Greymist BM Crossbow

Order of the Long Ranger

Name Open Longbow Crossbow
Leo de Coronado 10/08/1989
Paganus Grimlove 08/10/1989 08/10/1989 08/10/1989
Damales Redbeard 11/12/1989
Yvon Bater of Darkwood 11/19/1989 11/19/1989
Wilihelm Roderick FitzLovel of Kerr 06/03/1990
Eric du Marne 08/19/1990
Frederick von Wolvesgang 06/14/1992
Gaius Gracchus of Greymist 07/12/1992
Roger Wells of Dragon’s Bane 08/13/1992

Dreiburgen Long Rangers

Long Ranger.jpg
Name Open Crossbow Period bow
Ulfgrin Randulfson 12/02/2007
Wolfgang Neuschel der Grau 01/06/2008 04/06/2008 07/01/2007
Paganus Grimlove 04/06/2008 04/06/2008 04/06/2008
Robin Greenwood 09/01/2007

Warden Archers

Warden Archer.jpg
Name Open Crossbow Period bow
Ulfgrin Randulfson 12/02/2007
Wolfgang Neuschel der Grau 12/30/2007 03/30/2008 12/02/2007
Paganus Grimlove 04/06/2008 04/06/2008 04/06/2008


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