Warden Archer of Dreiburgen

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A Dreiburgen Archers Earned Title in the Barony of Dreiburgen
Created by Captain Wolfgang Neuschel der Grau - 2007
To earn the title and medallion an archer must complete the entire course with no misses.
A missed target requires the archer to start over at the beginning.


  • A. No warm-up rounds may be loosed for this event.
  • B. 6 arrows/bolts maximum per end.
  • C. 3 of the 6 arrows must hit in the animals circle on the target.
  • D. 1 of the 3 arrows must hit in the vital organ zone of the animal.
  • E. The above requirements must be met to continue to the next end.
  • F. The last end the archer must hit 3 arrows within the inner 3 rings of the target.
  • G. Crossbows, all shooting must be done from a standing position.
  • H. Period Style Equipment, Bows may not have an arrow shelf. There may be a small built up arrow ledge out of leather no more than a ¼ inch off of the bow. All arrows must be self-knocking.

Needed Equipment

  • A. Paper target: Bear Tru-Life #104 or Delta #70520.
  • B. Paper target: Deer Tru-Life #109 or Delta #70550.
  • C. Paper target: Havalina Tru-Life #115 or Delta #70580.
  • D. Silhouette target: Human Alco BC-5


  • 1st. A fierce Bear is terrorizing the barony and has killed 3 3 people. You must stop it.
    • Bear target at 40 yards.
  • 2nd. A boar is eating chickens and small animals around the baronial farms.
    • Boar target at 20 yards.
  • 3rd It is rumored that royalty is coming to the barony. There is need fo game for a great feast.
    • Stag target at 30 yards
  • 4th There is a poacher in the barony causing great harm to the land, people, and wildlife.
    • Human silhouette. At 40 yards

Members of the Warden Archers

Name Open Crossbow Period bow
Ulfgrin Randulfson 12/02/2007
Wolfgang Neuschel der Grau 12/30/2007 03/30/2008 12/02/2007
Paganus Grimlove 04/06/2008 04/06/2008 04/06/2008