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The primary reason for the establishment of Blue Feather, and for its continued existence is education: to encourage and facilitate research on homosexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and to teach other members of the Society about homosexuality in the Current Middle Ages. We also exist as a social organization, to facilitate interaction among the members of the Society, especially those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. For more information contact Giles Hill.


Blue Feather in Caid was chartered in order to meet the requirements for listing in the Kingdom Newsletter. Because the word "clan" implies the existence of a chieftan (or chiefess), and people who are members --and people who are not members-- the Caidans wearing blue feathers when this Charter was written decided not to use it.

Charter of Blue Feather in Caid:

To All Who Shall Read or Hear these Present Words do We, Timothy and Trista, King and Queen of Caid, send due Greetings and Salutations.

Inasmuch as Blue Feather is the gay/lesbian/bisexual study group within this Our Society, and Insofar as We are well-pleased by the efforts and endeavours of the members of Blue Feather within this Our Realm, and Being minded to encourage research, education, and among Our subjects, and Whereas We are desirous of recognizing the contributions, past and future, made by the members of Blue Feather, Now therefore are We, Timothy and Trista, King and Queen of Caid, pleased to Create, Charter and Recognize Blue Feather an official group within this Our Realm and Domain, with all the prerogatives, privileges, and responsibilities thereto appertaining.

Timothy, Rex Caidis Trista, Regina Caidis

In witness whereof We have upon All Hallows Eve, the 31st day of October, XXVII as, (being 1992 in the common reckoning) set Our hand hereto, and caused the Great Seal of Caid to be affixed.

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