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Founded: 10/29/1977

Dreiburgen's first costumers' guild was founded by Baroness Alison von Markheim, Vanessa de Linn, and Elenoré de Brus d'Artois. The name of the Baronial guild was changed to the Company of Clothiers under Angelina Nicollette de Beaumont, but when she moved out of the Barony, she and Astra Christiana Benedict re-founded the Company of Clothiers as a Kingdom-level guild. The guild passed to Rathyen de Bures of Acton as the Dreiburgen Dressmongers, and then to Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate as simply, "The Clothiers." House Aquilian took over under Elizabeth Scott of Berwick as "The Sewing Circle." Eventually the guild in Dreiburgen went dark.

At Dreiburgen Summer Arts AS 57 (2022): The barony, led by Lady Michelle filia Osgari, asked and received the blessing of TRMs Adam II & Stæina II in the formation of a costumers guild. The following letter was read aloud in court: “Joyous greetings unto Your Majesties, Adam Mighty King and Stæina, Radiant Queen; On this day, July 30, Anno Societatis 57 do we, the populace of Dreiburgen, propose the formation of a Baronial Costumers’ Guild. The purpose of such guild will be to serve, to learn, to teach, and to make, while recreating history. With your Royal blessing, we are prepared to begin this good work post haste. We pray you believe that we are humble admirers of your manifest virtues, and your servants, The Dutiful Denizens of Dreiburgen”




Costumers Guild meets the second Friday of each month in Riverside, Ca.



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