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The Right Noble Upper Crust is the baronial cooking guild of Gyldenholt. This group shares ideas and experiences regarding cooking and related issues, as well as being a repository for cooking and related information to the local community.

The Upper Crust Cooking Guild was presented with a "Charter of a Right Noble Guild" on 08/26/2006 by Sven and Kolfinna King and Queen of Caid, for service to Caid. Also, the Upper Crust was presented with a Royal Recognition of Excellence in June, 2014 by Agrippa and Bridget King and Queen of Caid, for their excellence in period cooking.

Several of the "Crusties" have also received Laurels, Lux Caidis, and Harp Argent awards for period cooking.


The Right Noble Upper Crust Cooking Guild is a medieval and renaissance cooking group in the Kingdom of Caid interested in recreating period recipes and cooking methods and providing the experiences gained to the populace at large.


Currently The Upper Crust Cooking Guild meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at various guild members homes. Contacting the guildhead would provide up to date locations of guild meetings.

The meetings, workshops and classes are open to all SCA members.


After a brief haitus of which no one remembers much, the Upper Crust was re-formed in the mid 1990’s.

  • Lillius Cruithnechann of Eilean ‘a Cheo shared the lead with Catarina de Liguria and Rosalynda Beatriz de Carrasco.
  • When Lillius left, Rosalinda and Catarina were co-leaders.
  • Then Catarina moved away, Rosalinda stepped up as sole Guild Mistress.
  • Lasairfhiona ni Chon Connacht as co-mistress during all of this. When Rosalinda moved away in in 2003, Lasairfhiona took over and was guild mistress from then until July 2009.
  • Lasairfhíona ní Chon Chonnacht 2003 – 7/2009
  • Colette de Montpellier 7/2009 - 8/2010
  • Ceara ingen Chonaill 8/2010 - 7/2017
  • Betsebea 7/2017 - present

Group Acolades

  • Potrero Siege Cook-Off Winners, 2010
  • Potrero Siege Cook-Off Winners, 2011
  • Right Noble charter, 2006
  • Royal Recognition of Excellence, 2014

More Information

The Guild sponsors The Upper Crust, a Yahoo Email Group that's open to all cooks in Caid.

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