Dreiburgen Irregulars

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The Dreiburgen Irregulars await the next battle on the fields of Potrero
Founded: A.S. XXXIX
Status: To be determined
the Irregulars could wear the badge of Dreiburgen like any other subject of the barony

The Dreiburgen Irregulars were a heavy weapons unit that served under the Dreiburgen war banner during the term of Malcolm and Robynne.


To have a Baronial Unit and to provide a group for unattached fighters to play with.


The Military term Irregulars can be used to describe any nonstandard unit of soldiers. In the case of the Dreiburgen Irregulars it means that it is a volunteer unit with no service commitment required. Fighters may join or leave as their willingness and desire to serve Dreiburgen permits. Many feel that going out alone on a war field is no fun. However SCA history is full of stories about the trials and tribulations of joining the wrong war band. With The Irregulars being a noncommittal volunteer unit, fighters can play with us with no fear of most of those political problems.



In period many combat units would make a banner specifically for that campaign. Then at the end of the campaign the banner would be torn up and divided among the men of the unit. These fighters would typically tie these scraps to their belts to show that they were part of that campaign and you could tell by looking at this soldiers belts how many campaigns they had been in. This is where the modern tradition of campaign ribbons comes from.

The Dreiburgen Irregulars follows this period tradition. A new banner is made for every war painted with the towers of the barony and sometimes the tails carry the badges of other units that have attach to the Irregulars or that the Irregulars have attached to Fifth Brigade and Caidan Royal Artillery Corps. At the end of the War the banner is torn up and divided up among all who fought under it along with some baronial coin.

Standing Orders

Be chivalrous and have fun with in the SCA rules of combat.


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