Malcolm and Robynne

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Baron: Malcolm Alberic
Baroness: Robynne the Grey
Baronage of: Dreiburgen
Preceded by: Uilliam and Luighseach
Succeeded by: Ívarr and Elyn

Malcolm AlbericRRE and Robynne the Grey reigned over the Barony of DreiburgenRRE from 10/25/2003 to 10/25/2008.

Primary Goal

Malcolm and Robynne’s primary goal as Baron and Baroness was to get the Barony of DreiburgenRRE to pull together more than it had been. During their term they introduced a number of ideas and activities including:

  • "State of the Barony" dinners, during which officers and members of the court were updated as to the barony's past accomplishments and future projects, and invited to ask questions.
  • The idea of the Dreiburgen "sweatshops" at which Dreiburgundians produced largesse and other projects in an assembly line fashion, with a fun social atmosphere.

Baronial Accomplishments under Malcolm & Robynne

  • The dream of Liam and Luighseach to have a baronial fighting award (Defenders of the Three Towers of Dreiburgen), was brought to conclusion.


  • Dreiburgen started camping together, and the encampment at times boasted up to 40 people.
  • Baronial Archery started up again after a long absence.


  • A new roof was made for the Baronial Pavilion.
  • Dreiburgen introduced the concept of tithing 20 pieces of a single item of largesse to Their Majesties.
  • A successful capital campaign so the barony could purchase its new trailer.
  • New center poles for the Baronial Pavilion.


Dreiburgen received the Royal Recognition of Excellence on 10/23/2004 from Brand and Nuala.