Dreiburgen Baronial Trailer

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and other baronial property storage

Dreiburgen owns a trailer that is used to store and haul the barony's possessions.

Property Storage Policy

These policies have been in place since 1987

  • It is the policy of the Barony of Dreiburgen to store the majority of the property on one place for reasons of inventory control.

Requirements for place of storage

  • Property needs to be fenced and gated.
  • Property needs to be reasonably accessible by autocrats, officers or any other members of the barony that need legitimate access to the baronial equipment.
  • It is preferable if the trailer and other storage facilities are out of site from the street.


In the years prior to 1987 a number of items went missing so a logbook system was implemented. See figures 1 and 6

  • Anyone who removes anything from the Baronial Keep (fig 2) or the Baronial trailer is obligated to fill out the log listing out what was removed, the date it was removed and who removed it.
  • When items are returned the person returning them needs to fill out the date returned line in the logbook.
CheckOutLog .JPG
figure 1
figure 2 Baronial Keep Est. 1987

Trailer Specifications


  • The hitch is an SAE/CSA Class 3 that uses a 2-inch hitch ball
  • 5000 lbs Gross towing weight
  • 700 lbs //maximum tongue weight
  • Height 15.5 inches from the bottom edge to the ground for a level ride. See figure 3


  • The lighting connector for the Dreiburgen Baronial Trailer is a 4-Pole Flat Type, See figure 2 (the most common trailer connector in the industry)
  • The Electronic brakes connector is a 2-pole Flat. See figure 4
    • Note California Vehicle Code requires that trailers with multiple axels be equipped with functional brakes.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with a different type of connector you will need to purchase or make the appropriate adapter to make the proper connection. (The trailer standard color code chard below may be of help to you)

figure 3
figure 4

Standard trailer wiring color codes

NOTE: This is a standard trailer chart, vehicle factory wiring colors may very. See factory wiring for exact information.

Connector type Wire Color Function
4,5,6 & 7 Way Green Right Turn Light
4,5,6 & 7 Way Yellow Left Turn Light
4,5,6 & 7 Way White Ground
4,5,6 & 7 Way Brown Tail & Marker Lights
5,6 & 7 Way Blue Electric Brake Control
6 & 7 Way Red (or Black) Battery
7 Way Purple Back Up Lights

This Chart is a typical guide, wire colors may vary. Use a circuit tester to verify conections

Adapter Example

Figure 5 is an example of an adapter that converts the trailers two connecters to a standard 5-Pole Flat connecter. However this adapter would not work with every vehicle that has a 5-Pole Flat. This is because depending on the car or truck the fifth wire could be either Electric Brakes, Back Up Lights or Battery Power.

figure 5

Inside the Trailer

  • Hanging on the left hand Door (fig 6)you will find a First Aid Kit, the Trailer Registration and the Property Checkout Logbook.
  • Hanging on the right hand Door (fig 8)is the dedication plaque.
figure 6
figure 7
figure 8


  • Spare tire and Jack figure 9
  • Jack stands and safety cone figure 10
figure 9
figure 10

The Old Trailer

The old trailer (fig 11) is currently being used to store archery equipment near the range

  • The hitch is a class 2 Max 3500 lbs with a 2 inch ball
  • The wiring connector is a 4-Pole Flat Type, See figure 12
figure 11
figure 12