Ívarr and Elyn

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Ívarr and Elyn at Al-Sahid Anniversary 2009
Baron: Ívarr Sigurðarson
Baroness: Elyn de Hauocmore
Baronage of: Dreiburgen
Preceded by: Malcolm and Robynne
Succeeded by: Bryce and Fionnghuala

Ívarr and Elyn were the 7th Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen. They began their Baronial tenure on 10/25/2008 and resigned on 06/27/2009.




Date Event
04/04/2009 Al-Sahid Anniversary 2009
04/11/2009 St. Geronimus Tournament 2009
04/17-19/2009 Gallavally Anniversary 2009
05/02/2009 Caid Open Archery 2009
05/09/2009 Altavia Anniversary 2009
05/16/2009 Steinsee Skirmish (Event Canceled)
05/21-25/2009 Potrero War 2009
06/06/2009 Spring Coronation 2009
06/07/2009 Spring Queen's Champion 2009
6/13/2009 Gyldenholt Anniversary 2009


From TRM Edward II and Mora II, King and Queen of Caid

Unto the People of Dreiburgen, Greetings

On Saturday June 27, AS XLIV, the Crown received a letter of resignation from Lord Ívarr Sigurðarson and Lady Elyn de Haoucmore, 7th Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen. Since this resignation was effective immediately, for the time being the Baron of Dreiburgen will rest in the Hands of the Crown; We will meet with the populace at the July 14th Baronial Council meeting in Cabazon to discuss the future. Please contact your seneschal, THL Vivienne Duval, at seneschal@dreiurgen.org if you have any questions prior to that meeting.

We would like to that this opportunity to thank the Canton of Gallavally and all of Dreiburgen for hosting Our Coronation; it was a joyous day We will always remember. We know well that such events take many hours of work to plan and present and We greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Edward, Rex Caidis
Mora, Regina Caidis

Long live Dreiburgen! Long live Caid!

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