Bryce and Fionnghuala

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Bryce Fionnghuala DA2010.jpg
Their Excellencies at Dreiburgen Anniversary, A.S. 45
Baron: Bryce ap Morgan
Baroness: Fionnghuala de Buchanan
Baronage of: Dreiburgen
Preceded by: Ívarr and Elyn
Succeeded by: Ciaran and Jumana

Baron Bryce and Baroness Fionna are the 8th Baronage of Dreiburgen. They were invested as Reeve and Reevess at Dreiburgen Anniversary 2009 and as Baron and Baroness at 12th Night 2010, 01/09/2010.

They instituted the Augmentation to the Dreiburgen Tower (Service) to acknowledge the many members of the populace who continue to work tirelessly for the Barony.

They stepped down and received Court Baronages on 10/26/2013 at Dreiburgen Anniversary 2013.