Caid Open Archery 2009

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Location: Dreiburgen
Desert Springs Middle School
Date: 05/02/2009

Event Staff

Royal Presence

His Majesty Edward Senestre

From the Dreiburgen News

Caidan Open Archery Tournament

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Archers of Caid, get ready! Caidan Open will be held this year in the Barony of DreiburgenRRE, at Desert Springs Middle School. All are invited to come see some of the best archers in Caid vie for the Kingdom Championships in both Open and Crossbow. Please bring your dayshades, chairs, and whatever will make the event both comfortable and enjoyable for you... however, remember that (for several obvious reasons) this is a dry site. There will be no site fee, but donations to help cover costs will be gratefully welcomed.

The range will be open for practice from 8 am until court at 10 am. Competition will begin after court, with a break for lunch, and run until there is a winner. Closing court will happen shortly after the end of competition, with the site closing at 6:30 pm.

In support of the school's archery club, there will be a table with snacks, drinks, and lunch for sale. There will also be a fundraiser, with prizes, to raise money for the club.

Event Schedule:

  • Site Opens – 8:00 am
  • Opening Court – 10:00 am, shooting to commence right after court
  • Site closes – 6:30 pm
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