Malcolm Alberic

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Baron Malcolm

Malcolm at Estrella I

Resides: Middle
Status: Attends Pennsic
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Azure, on a bend sinister engrailed sable, fimbriated, between a spiral hunting horn and a cross crosslet Or, a sword inverted proper Registered : Jan-1983

Baron Malcolm AlbericRRE2 was the sixth Baron of Dreiburgen. He is renowned for his cast pewter and enamel badges, particularly Caidan award medallions and the chains of state worn by the greater officers of the kingdom.


First century Caidan

Malcolm was born to House Montrose, 2nd son of his Lordship Mornay of Anglesey and the Honorable Lady Drusilla of Montrose and a Native Dreiburgundian

House Montrose, holds land in two Kingdoms, Midrelm and Caid which provides sufficient wealth for Montrose to have a small but well armed merchant fleet, These ships allow Montrose to indulged in trading, raising and training of fine horses from the Arabian desert.

This business allowed Malcolm to expand his skills in many different areas. Malcolm was tutored in Horsemanship, Music, Dance, Combat and the Sciences. At a young age He was sent to Atenveldt to learn blacksmithing from Master Zoltan Kovacs. With the armoring skills he learned House Montrose was able to secure a commission from the Baron of Dreiburgen Leo de Coronado to run the Dreiburgen Armory in A.S. XVII.

Over the years Malcolm has served the barony in many ways (see below). In A.S. XXVI he went to sea with The Brethren of the Coast and singed on with Captain Jamie Bellows, Malcolm has papers in his position that prove he singed under duress and is "not guilty" of acts of piracy. Why Malcolm spent time in the company of pirates we can only guess, he claims he just help teach them to dance but many have noticed that no ship in the Montrose fleet has ever had problems with pirates.

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