Baroness Birthday & Yule Revel 1986

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Location: Dreiburgen
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Riverside
Date: 12/06/1986

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Baroness’ Birthday and Winter Holiday Revel

Come celebrate with feasting, dancing, and revelry our saintly Baroness Rowena’s Birthday on St. Nicholas day at St. Michael’s Church on Saturday December 6th. Dine by candlelight on trenchers and enjoy fabulous feasting with mock dormice served on silver, a subtletie, roast duck Elizabethan beef, side dishes and sauces, flaming plumb puddings, exotic breads, wines, and cider.

Set up at 6:00 PM. First course served at 6:30 PM.


  • Best Period Table Setting.
  • Best Banner: Bring your banner and its stgantard. Portable holes will be provided.
  • Best Song: One entry per person in one of two Categories:

a) Original - composed by entrant.
b) Non-original. - Song must be sung bt entrant during removes at banquet. Filk or period acceptable. Enter with Elizabeth Scott of Berwick upon arrival.

  • Best Use of Embroidery in Table Linen – prize to be a linen handkerchief, embroidered in Holbein work and bordered with bobbin lace edging.
  • Best Castle Consrruction in Subtletie: Stones & mortar provided (to be erected at table dring the banquet).
  • Best Men’s legs: To be judged by our inimitable Baroness and the ladies of the Bedchamber.


As is Dreiburgen’s time hallowed custom, Farther Christmas will dispense gifts at the commencement of the Revel (those participating should bring a gift marked for their own sex --- $5.00 limit). Following gift exchanges, there will be dancing (and dance instruction) directed by Dreiburgen’s Mistress of Dance, Lizbeth Ravensholm, along with songs and contest results.


Any one who would like to serve, please call the autocrat. All servers dine at half-price & House Montrose guarantees its loyal help a full round of viands.


If received by November 29th - $9.00 per adult, under 12 - $4.50, Smalls 5 & under free.
By dec. 3dr - $12.00/$6.00 afterward - your FIRST BORN –or call the autocrat


  • memories from individual people, can also be formal event reports.

From Baron Malcolm:
We of House Montrose were tired of hearing that banquets always lost money and that servers usually went hungry. We decided to prove that not only could the help enjoy the full meal but the event could make money. The site had room off the kitchen that we used as the servers dining room witch we decorated in the same manor as the main hall so that the servers could sit down and eat the between duties. After careful planning and a diverse menu we managed to feed people to near bursting and still had a $200 profit.


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