Baroness Birthday & Yule Revel 1987

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Location: Dreiburgen
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Riverside
Date: 12/05/1987

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From the Crown Prints

Baroness’ Feast and Winter Holiday Revel

On December 5, A.S. Xxii (19870 The Barony of Dreiburgen will be celebrating the Natal Day of our Beloved Baroness Rowena. Our Celabration will consist of the traditional banquet and post- banquet revel. These events will be held at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Riverside.

Setup begins at 3:00 p.m. with the banquet scheduled to commence at 4:30 p.m.


Will include Best Period Table Setting and best Poem in honor of Baroness Rowena.


  • First Remove: Hedgehogs, QA Sallet of Striked Coleworts, Oat Bread & Honey Butter.
  • Second Remove: Fesaunt and Gelye, Raidin & Rice Dressing, Warden Tart.
  • Third Remove: Tart of Brie, A Compound Sallet, Sowpe of Vegitables.
  • Forth Remove: Roast of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Buttered Onions and Apples.
  • Fifth Remove: Boar’s Head, Assorted Cakes And Sweets, Wassail.
  • Beverages Through out: Mulled Wine, Mulled Cider, Iced Tea, Lemon Water.

This is a damp site (wines, etc.) You may bring ice chests (periodly camouflaged of course) to chill your potables. Please bring your own service - goblet, plate, knife, fork, spoon, etc., and a plastic bag for the aftermath.

In keeping with the Holiday spirit Farther Christmas will again visit the Barony on this day to direct a gift exchange. Please limit your gift to $6.00 and Indicate the gender of the person to receive the gift.


  • Please feel free to add memories to this section


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