Dreiburgen Anniversary 1997

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Dreiburgen Penny.jpg
First Dreiburgen Penny minted on site
Location: East Flats Campground in the San Bernardino Mountains
Date: 10/18/1997

Dreiburgen Anniversary 1997


Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Anniversary

A Brigand was intercepted carrying a message of a plot instigated by ruthless robber barons. The message was a missive to all brigands and Mercenaries for hire to gather in the mountains of Dreiburgen on Saturday, October 18 1997, at the East Flats Campground in the San Bernardino Mountains. The Barons intend to set upon one of Dreiburgen’s mountain hamlet during the harvest and celebration of Dreiburgen Anniversary, in order to have a base for further incursions into the Barony. Due to the gathering of the robber barons and brigands, it is apparent that loyalists will be forced into melee-type combat situations. But never fear, His Excellency Baron Thurston’s troops are defending the barony, we will continue with the Harvest/Anniversary celebration.

Activities For The Day Include

  • Breakfast by Robynne the Grey’s Bar & Grill (make checks payable to Barony of Dreiburgen/SCA)
  • Heavy Weapons and Rapier Melee Lists
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • On the spot Embroidrey Contest
  • Arts Auction/Raffle (all donations gratefully accepted)
  • Children’s Actives and much more

Since there will be no single combat tournament, Dreiburgen’s heavy weapons and Rapier champions will be those combatants whom Her Excellency, Her Majesty and Her Highness deem the most chivalrous fighter of the day.

Schedule of the Day

  • 7:00am Site Opens
  • 8:00am Breakfast Starts
  • 9:00am Lists Open
  • 9:30am Opening Court List Close 15 minutes after Close of court
  • 4:00pm Closing Court

Awards given


  • I got to the site (absolutely the most beautiful site you could ask for – great job Ulf and Liz!). I set up and went to opening Court. King Joseph and their Highnesses were there, as well as our own beloved Baron and Baroness, Thurstan and Allaine. Many fine presentations were made, and some long-deserved awards were given out. The challenge of the day was then reissued by the non-landed barons to the Baron of Dreiburgen, and we gathered for battle. As a member of the Baronial Guard, I fought for the Barony. My berserker rushes didn’t help much (yeah, Wolfram, you were right, and I got the welts to prove it), and I was out of the fighting quickly. However, after several long hard-fought battles, those forces loyal to the Baron of Dreiburgen won the day. I then dedicated the rest of the day to making the coins which were to be payment to the Baronial troops. I was more than a little nervous, since none had come out right yet. I made a new proof in clay, which my son, Edmond bore to Baron Thurstan for his approval. Then we bagan to melt metal for the coins. Several folks came over to watch and assist including Darius, Damales, Cormac, and George (sorry, I forgot your name again). We pounded and plannished and cut the blanks. I used a clean anvil and hammers. The first coin was not perfect, but it was much better than the tests from the day before. By the end of the day we had a bag of coins to give to the Baron. He graciously accepted them and delivered them to his troops at Closing Court. ~ Eadwynne


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