Baroness Birthday & Yule Revel 1983

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Location: Dreiburgen
Rubidoux Grange Hall in Rubidoux
Date: 12/03/1983

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From the Crown Prints

Once again to honor the natal day of the “Saintly and Illustrious” Baroness of Dreiburgen, the barony will host a Spanish theme banquet and revel on the 3rd of December. The hall will be open for all at 4:00 pm, followed by Opening Court at 4:30pm and the banquet promptly at 5:00pm. After the banquet there will be a revel during which all contest and various entertainments will occur.

Contests Include:

  • the famous Entertain the Baroness Contest
  • Best Spanish Inquisition Joke
  • Men’s Ankle-Turning Contest (to be judged exclusively by the Baroness—ed. Note , we assume hey mean ankles displaied as opposed to ankles sprained!)
  • and several others to be announced at the revel.

The banquet will consist of varied exotic courses from all reaches of sunny climes of Spain. All reservations must be in by November 25th. THAT MEANS NOVEMBER 25TH, PLEASE! All late reservations, if any, will be accepted on a space availability basis by special arrangements with the autocrats only.

The cost of the banquet will be only $7.50 so send reservations early.

At the revel a Gift Exchange will be held, with a $5 limit on the cost of your gift. It is even roumered that Father Christmas him self will be there to visit all the good boys and girls in Caid (and of course those who may weeren’t so good….). The event will be heald at the Rubidoux Grange Hall (same as last year).


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