House Drachenstern

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Waiting for the next battle at Estrella I
Founded: 1979
Status: Inactive
Per pall inverted vert, azure and Or, two mullets of seven points argent and a dragon passant sable Registered, Feb of 1986.

House Drachenstern Was a very active household in the Barony of Dreiburgen that function from about 1979 to 1989


Drachenstern was established among friends who found that they shared many common interest and feelings for the same things. Interests among the members varied from the Sciences (armor and weapon making) to the Arts (cooking, costume making, songwriting, singing and drawing. We took on projects that were often far too big for us, but we didn't know any better so we did remarkably well.


η συνέργεια είναι ισχυρότερη από πολλά ξεχωριστά κομμάτια, Together We are Greater than the Sum of Our Parts.


Loyal to the Barony of Dreiburgen Drachenstern members have held many Baronial offices Including:

Seneschal, Exchequer, Science, Chronicler etc…

Projects, Activities and Event Staff


Arms Photo Name
ElgilsArms.jpg Elgil.JPG Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos
Eadwynne Banner 600px.jpg?" Eadwynne.JPG Eadwynne of Runedun


I tried to put together a household of a group high school friends when my Knight, Sir Waldt von Markheim left the area. Only one of those I asked seemed at all interested, Elgil. He was a big Tolkien fan and the idea of a house of Honor and Chivalry appealed to him. Our first venture together was to make Mead (we got a lot of bad advice, it tasted awful, but we drank it). We eventually gathered others including our High School friend, Roger de Boeuf intersted in the SCA. Another friend of mine, Walter of St. Jacobs had convinced a number of us to go see Monty Python and the Holy Grail in full garb (I in my chain mail) which was playing along side of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Quadrophenia. I remember a fellow in a sparkly corset, fishnet stockings, a large pearl necklace and a big black wig took a look at us and said, "What are YOU FREAKS?" This is where Aladric of Litchfield first saw us. Both he and his brother Malcolm Alberic joined us soon after. The household grew larger from there. Because the initial members were Notre Dame High School alumni, our then-Baroness, Rowena de Segovia dubbed our Household, "The Catholic Boys." Aladric and Malcolm were actually Episcopalian, who Rowena laughingly called, "Catholic Light." We weren't all Catholic nor were we all male, but the name stuck. I introduced the Household to Master Armorer Zsoltan Kovacs and we went out as a group to see him at his shop which was a great influence on our founding the Dreiburgen Armourers Guild and our Household's participation in the creation and development of the Great Desert War. A lot of the people from our household went on to make great names for themselves and I am proud of that. We had some great people in and around the group.

~ Eadwynne of Runedun


In order of acceptance:

Arms Photo Name Notes
Roger de Boeuf.jpg RogerdeBoeuf.jpg Roger de Boeuf
Device needed.jpg Photo needed.jpg Kevin of Aberwyvern Left the household 1982
Device needed.jpg Photo needed.jpg Monty Left the household 1981
Avery.gif Avery.jpg Avery of Kempsford Left the household 1981
Device needed.jpg Photo needed.jpg Dietrich
Malcolm-device-col.png MalcolmAlbericEI.jpg Malcolm AlbericRRE Captain of the Equine Unit
Aladric of Litchfield.jpg Aladric.jpg Aladric of Litchfield
Ivar Krigsvin.jpg IvarK.JPG Ivar Krigsvin Captain of the House Guard
Device needed.jpg Photo needed.jpg Alphonso Chavez De Gascon Left the household 1985
Device needed.jpg EricderBereitschaft.JPG Eric der Bereitschaft von Kreuztal House Scribe
Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate.JPG Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate portrait.jpg Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate
Rathyen de Bures of Acton.jpg Rathyen.JPG Rathyen de Bures of Acton

Others that hung with House Drachenstern included:


Drachenstern camp at West-Caid War maneuvers 1985
Drachenstern Camp at Estrella I

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