Walter of St. Jacobs

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Walter (ca. 1979)
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Ansteorra
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Walter of St Jacobs.gif
Per bend embattled azure and Or, a Cross of Jerusalem and a bull's head cabossed counterchanged
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Walter was one of the founding members of the Barony of Drieburgen.


  • Irish Music
  • Folk Stories
  • "Freaking out the Mundanes"


"It has come to my attention that...Walter of St Jacobs, passed away this morning [6/16/2014]. Walter was one of the founding members of the Barony of Drieburgen in Caid. He introduced many of us to the SCA and won us over by his enthusiasm. He was loyal and gregarious and honest to a fault. He was living in Ansteorra when he passed." - Eadwynne of Runedun


He was quite the character. He was not everyone's favorite flavor, but he was fun. He couldn't sing on key, but he sang with such enthusiasm and joy that we just had to join in. The group of us would hike up Mt. Rubidoux at night and tell stories and sing songs together. Magical time. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun