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The Light leaving on their 5 mi ride home from the Riverside Equestrian Center to House Montrose
Founded: A.S. XXII
Status: Still Around
Per chevron inverted throughout azure and argent, a chamfron argent within a bordure embattled counterchanged.
(registered in July of 1988 via Caid).

The “Light” is a somewhat “laid back” military style Horse Guard type of organization. Serving as the Dreiburgen Baronial Horse Guard. Founded in A.S. XXII (1987) by House Montrose


To Defend Dreiburgen’s borders against all enemies foreign and domestic.
To function as a force to work for sensible horsemanship in Caid
To have an equestrian group that can function independently of the Academy of Equestrian Arts


To fully understand the “Light” you have to understand the basic philosophy of its founders at House Montrose.

First and foremost: we believe that the equestrian arts are best learned and mastered on the back of a horse…as opposed to going to meetings, demos, collegiums, and events…excepting, of course, the time spent there being on, or caring for…a horse.

Secondly: the Dreiburgen Light was formed to foster, teach, and encourage good horsemanship in the SCA.

Thirdly: this means striving to be an elite group. We don’t agree with the implied bad mouthing this word “elite” has been receiving at the hands of the SCA. My dictionary defines elite as being the “finest,” the “best,” or the “most distinguished,” and, frankly, we see nothing wrong with striving to be that.

Let it be said here and now that the Dreiburgen Light Horse has no interest whatsoever in controlling the equestrian arts in the SCA or anywhere else…besides, it’s too much work! Pursuing the goal of excellence in equestrian arts is more than enough work to tackle in one lifetime thank you.

Fourthly: we shall serve the Barony as a Horse Guard for as long as we can muster horsemen.

Last, but not least: the Light is not restricted to members of the Barony of Dreiburgen. Neither is it restricted to the advanced horseman. We are just as interested in the complete beginner…but you must be prepared to put forth some effort towards becoming an advanced horseman!

Standing Orders

The Dreiburgen Light Horse has, in addition to being the Baronial HorseGuard unit, a set of Standing Orders which apply to all members whenever they are performing in the unit, acting for, or are representing the Light in any way. If you are out riding for yourself or with friends or in some other group these orders, of course, do not apply. HOWEVER, the bulk of them are good, common sense horsemanship and we would urge you to follow these at all times when you are working with horses.

Here, then, are the Standing Orders of the Dreiburgen Light Horse Guard:


1. Obey your officers’ commands.

2. All members shall conduct themselves as ladies or gentlemen when representing or working in the Light.

3. When handling a horse, the safety of others, dismounted or mounted, shall be of prime consideration, followed by the safety of your horse and yourself next. All other things come far after these!

4. All tack used with a horse and owned by a member shall be maintained in safe working condition insofar as it is possible to ascertain this. (If an officer asks you to have an item of equipment fixed or replaced, do it, or don’t use it in the Light!)

5. In the event of an equestrian emergency developing (a horse getting or breaking loose at an event or on the trail, or an accident of any type involving horses) all members shall render due and proper action to help.


1. When mounted and riding, a member must be garbed in clothing proper and adequate for riding as determined by the Captain of the Light. (For example, adequate foot gear and NO shorts!)

2. When a group is preparing to mount and ride out, no mounted member shall ride off until ALL the group is mounted and ready.

3. At an event a member shall keep his mount in the area(s) designated for stabling, and, when riding, shall not ride through the encampment and pavilion area, and shall keep to the roads, areas, and trails designated by the officers of the Light.


The Light Horse is not a typical guard unit. Being founded and managed by House Montrose, its members are not appointed by the Baron and Baroness; instead they are selected by the officers of the Light Horse. Riding is a specialized skill. Almost anyone can serve on a baronial guard or court and contribute their time and service; not everyone has the skill or desire to ride a horse. Our members are dedicated to excellence in horsemanship.

The Light was created to function somewhat indepent of our political structure, so that our primary purpose would not be disrupted by political agendas. It is The Light’s honor, chivalry, and dedication to the barony that granted us our permanent status as a baronial horse guard by Baron Leo de Coronado.

At its height, The Dreiburgen Light Horse earned a reputation of excellence. As a result some tried to claim they were part of The Light when they were not, while others tried to undermine us.

For the record here is a roster of all the Light Horses primary members.

Photo Name Rank Status
Drusila.jpg THL Drusilla of Montrose Founding General Deceased
Mornay.jpg THL Mornay of Anglesey Chronicler (ret) Deceased
Aladric.jpg Lord Aladric of Litchfield Captain (ret) Holding down the fort at House Montrose
MalcolmonHorse.jpg Baron Malcolm Alberic RRE2 Captain Midrealm Outpost
Elzbeta.JPG Lady Elzbeta Belz Bear-Crusher Rider Wintermist patrol
Elgil.JPG Lord Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos Rider Inactive
IvarK.JPG Lord Ivar Krigsvin Rider Returned to duty
Rathyen.JPG THL Rathyen de Bures of Acton Rider Covert operations (An Tir assignment)
Damashi on Jimmy.JPG Lord Damashi of Tora Rider Globe Trotter
CaelfindstQEC.jpg Cáelfind ingen hui Ruaircc Rider Mountain patrol

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