Great Western War 2010

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Caption Needed
Location: Caid
Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area
Taft, CA
Date: 10/6-11/2010

Great Western War XIIIRRE


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

From the Crown Prints

Sooner than you think, the air will be cooler, the leaves will start to turn. And then all the really fun people will start their annual migration to the "Best little war by the lake!" And why wouldn’t they? Because they know that GWW XIII has one of the best A&S programs, and that our Combat Scenarios are fun, fast, and furious (it’s a fact).

The days are wonderful, and the nights are fantastic! So if you just happen to be one of those fun people, we have some info for you, just to keep you in the loop.

Pre-Reg for Great Western War does not close until August 16, so even if you just got back from some exotic journey, it’s not too late! Head over to the Website and register for land!

Another reminder: At Gate, they will only be taking cash, NO CHECKS, NO CREDIT CARDS. There are also NO ATMS on site. Another great reason to Pre-Reg!

The GWW Chirurgeon wants you to know that due to liability and logistics, they will no longer be providing resources for the recharging of medical devices (like CPAPs) onsite at GWW. See website for more info.

GWW is famous for having one of the best A&S programs, and it’s NOT TOO LATE! Sign up now to teach a formal class, a hands-on workshop, or run spectator-only demonstration in the Arts & Sciences area at GWW XIII. Classes/workshops/demos do not have to be long. We welcome "Ten Minute Take-Away" ideas. To propose an A&S activity, go to and click on All Forms. Fill out an A&S Class Proposal Form (or two).

Our events are special, but if YOU have a special event, contact our Special Events coordinators! They can help you get the resources you need!

There just isn’t enough room in the CP for all the incredible things that are going to be happening at this war. Really! So check out the most recent War-Cry (our fun newsletter) which just coincidentally is on the Great Western War website at



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