Pagus Sancti Geronimi

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Quarterly azure and argent, four laurel wreaths counterchanged.
Founded: 08/03/1996
Modern Location: U.C. Riverside

Originally Collegium Sancti Geronimi was based out of U.C. Riverside. It lateralled to a canton on 07/24/99. Sancti GeronimiRRE used the term “Pagus”, which is Latin for canton, to help ease friction with another nearby canton.

Petition - Collegium Sancti Geronimi



To serve Dreiburgen, Caid and restore activity to the downtown area of the barony.



  • July 14 New Branch application submitted for college.
  • August 3 Crown petitioned to grant incipiency status to Collegium Sancti Geronimi; request approved by His Majesty Edric Aaron Hartwood.
  • August 10 Collegium hosts first informal banquet at St. Michael's.


  • August 23 Arms registered with College of Arms: Quarterly azure and argent, four laurel wreaths counterchanged (with comment "Very Nice armory!" from Laurel).



  • July 24 College laterals to canton status and assumes the name "Pagus Sancti Geronimi".


Mission accomplished! Sancti GeronimiRRE Disbanded.



  • Baronial service: Shed sanded and scraped for painting 03/16/1997.
  • Baronial service: Baronial shed painted 11/16/1997.
  • Baronial service: Restored the Dreiburgen Armourers Guild to working status.
  • Baronial service: Eric and marshal's poles refurbished 08/01/1999.
  • Kingdom service: Collating Crown Prints and storing collating equipment 09/15/1999 – 01/2005.
  • Society service: Hosted SCA Board of Directors quarterly meeting 01/25–27/2001.
  • Baronial service: Banners for Big Blue sewed and painted 2002.



Photo Name Style Dates
Photo needed.jpg Lizbeth Ravensholm the birth of a Renaissance 7/1996 - 3/1997
RobynneTGray.jpg Robynne the Grey fine dining was introduced 3/1997 - 3/2000
Photo needed.jpg Madelene Popejoy de Saint Michele productivity through superior organization 3/2000 - 3/2003
Photo needed.jpg Maykin Crofte I think I can 3/2003 - 3/2005
Photo needed.jpg Madelene Popejoy de Saint Michele the Once and Future Seneschal 3/2005 - 8/2008

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