Pagus Sancti Geronimi

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Quarterly azure and argent, four laurel wreaths counterchanged.
Founded: 08/03/1996
Modern Location: U.C. Riverside

Originally Collegium Sancti Geronimi was based out of U.C. Riverside. It lateralled to a canton on 07/24/99. Sancti GeronimiRRE used the term “Pagus”, which is Latin for canton, to help ease friction with another nearby canton.



To serve Dreiburgen, Caid and restore activity to the downtown area of the barony.



  • July 14 New Branch application submitted for college.
  • August 3 Crown petitioned to grant incipiency status to Collegium Sancti Geronimi; request approved by His Majesty Edric Aaron Hartwood.
  • August 10 Collegium hosts first informal banquet at St. Michael's.


  • February 23 Collegium hosts Saint Geronimus Tourney for the first time, thus starting the annual anniversary.
  • August 23 Arms registered with College of Arms: Quarterly azure and argent, four laurel wreaths counterchanged (with comment "Very Nice armory!" from Laurel).



  • July 24 College laterals to canton status and assumes the name "Pagus Sancti Geronimi".


Mission accomplished! Sancti GeronimiRRE Disbanded.



  • Baronial service: Shed sanded and scraped for painting 03/16/1997.
  • Baronial service: Baronial shed painted 11/16/1997.
  • Baronial service: Restored the Dreiburgen Armourers Guild to working status.
  • Baronial service: Eric and marshal's poles refurbished 08/01/1999.
  • Kingdom service: Collating Crown Prints and storing collating equipment 09/15/1999 – 01/2005.
  • Society service: Hosted SCA Board of Directors quarterly meeting 01/25–27/2001.
  • Baronial service: Banners for Big Blue sewed and painted 2002.



Photo Name Style Dates
Photo needed.jpg Lizbeth Ravensholm the birth of a Renaissance 7/1996 - 3/1997
RobynneTGray.jpg Robynne the Grey fine dining was introduced 3/1997 - 3/2000
Photo needed.jpg Madelene Popejoy de Saint Michele productivity through superior organization 3/2000 - 3/2003
Photo needed.jpg Maykin Crofte I think I can 3/2003 - 3/2005
Photo needed.jpg Madelene Popejoy de Saint Michele the Once and Future Seneschal 3/2005 - 8/2008

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